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Homemade Venison Jerky Dog Treats

My Dog, Saphira, has food allergies. She is a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and it is pretty common for Wheatens to have allergies. We know she is allergic to chicken and possibly beef. Her veterinarian recommended venison, bison or salmon for her diet. She does very well on venison and sweet potato dog food. It’s not cheap! Venison treats aren’t either. So I make her treats. My husband is a hunter and we usually have venison in the freezer. I also make sweet potato treats, dehydrated in the oven. She loves them as well.

Here’s my beautiful girl! She is 1-1/2 years old. She super smart and great with everyone! She’s also very pampered and spoiled, of course!

Here’s how I make her venison chews:

1. Cut the venison into thin strips then into bite size pieces. I find it easier to cut the meat when it is partially frozen. NO seasoning is added.

2. I use a Cooke sheet and a cooling rack that fits inside. I lay the meat on the cooling rack. That way the air can flow all around the meat. It’s good to spray a little non-stick spray on the rack because venison is lean and tends to stick. Place in pre-heated oven, 200 degrees for 1 to 1-1/2 hours depending on the size of the pieces. Check often until they are a firm but not crisp texture. You want the texture of jerky.

Here’s the finished product.

Place them in a jar or baggie and refrigerate. Your dog will love them!

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Winter On The Lake

In the Northern woods sits this place, this very magical place, that is very near and dear to my heart. A place to me, like no other. A place where all your troubles seem to melt away. A place that calls out to me often. It is a hidden gem. Allow me to take you there for a visit..

Welcome to our cottage. We are on a small private lake where most residents are gone for the winter months which makes it extremely quiet. The summers are alive and vivacious, that will bring more stories later on, but for now, here are a few photos of how we spend our time during the Winter…on the lake.

We walk. Most wouldn’t dare to venture out on cold, wintery days, but there is just something about getting bundled up and going out for a hike. We have a road around our lake that is so beautiful. It is about a two mile hike. It is all woods and in the winter you can hear little rustling here and there, the snow falling from the trees, the wind whistling above and the birds singing lovely tunes. It is one of the things that I have found most calming to my soul. I feel God so close here. All the hustle and bustle of city life is non-existent here. (My Wheaten Saphira loves it also, as you can tell).

Snow Shoeing. I haven’t done this a lot, but I can say it is a fun winter activity, oh and be prepared to break a sweat! My Hubby took this photo from inside the house. I was showing off to him haha.. Good Times! The lake is right behind me, iced over and covered in a blanket of snow. Which leads me to my next photo…

This was last winter…we are still waiting for the ice to be ready to walk on. I had fun “fishing” from inside the living room, coffee in hand, watching for the tip up flags to go up, that means “fish on!” Looking forward to this again, hopefully, in the next few weeks.

When our grandson’s come to visit, sledding is always a fun activity! Although going to the local cafe for hot cocoa is the best time of all!

Oh LOOK! There is a YETI at our door!

I think my absolute favorite winter activity of all is snuggling under a cozy blanket, warm drink in hand, Saphira curled up at my feet, watching the snow fall.

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Saphira the Wheaten Terrier; Lake Life is the Best Life

This was early Fall 2019. She loves the lake. We can’t keep her out of it. She’s focused. She fishes for minnows all day long. I had this photo printed on a giant canvas to hang in the house.

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My Wheaten Terrier Saphira

Meet Saphira, my one year old wheaten terrier. She is a giant ball of sunshine to me! She is spunky, playful, amazingly smart and super cuddly. She loves life at the lake. She fishes for minnows. Here, she is wondering where the water went.

I took this photo of her on the lakefront at our house. She loves the water and she’s wondering why her lake is changing here as it’s freezing over..