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Freezing Buttermilk For Recipes DIY

I don’t use much buttermilk, so when I need some I have to make a trip to the store and I use it for my recipe then it usually sits in the refrigerator until it expires and has to be tossed. Well, since COVID19, I’ve been rethinking about how I do things. I’m trying really hard to not be wasteful. I’ve been getting satisfaction from using up everything that I have on hand.

I am trying not to go out unless completely necessary. Last time we went out for supplies I grabbed buttermilk. I’m making my Smokey Pinto Bean soup today with my Mom’s famous cornbread recipe. I will let you in on that recipe as soon as I make it, it’s yummy. I am freezing the buttermilk that I don’t use today for future recipes. Here’s how I’m doing it..

Supplies needed:
  • Buttermilk (well obviously)
  • Freezer Bags
  • Measuring Cup
  • Marker

I start with fresh buttermilk. I’ve read it lasts for up to three months in the freezer.

I chose a one cup measurement for each quart bag. Liquid expands when frozen so whatever container you use, leave room for expansion. I like the baggies because if you freeze them flat, you can stack them and they don’t take up much room.

Mark the bag. I put the date I freeze and the date it should be used by and the measurement and of course what’s in the bag.

I find it less messy if you roll the top of the bag down before you pour in liquid.

Carefully, try to squeeze the air up and out before sealing. Freeze lying flat. When it’s time to thaw, it that’s fast. I sit on counter or you can run the bag under cold water. Watch for my Pinto Bean Recipe coming up soon!