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What Sold on eBay

I am a full-time reseller. I sell on eBay and Poshmark. I find most of my goods at thrift stores and garage sales. I do buy new wholesale items to resell also, but I just really enjoy thrifting! I would like to add a "What Sold" category to my blog because I have so many… Continue reading What Sold on eBay

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Galvanized Clothing Rack Clothing Storage Solutions

I have my own online clothing boutique. I also sell clothing on Poshmark. I’ll link my websites here in case you want to check them out. My Boutique: https://thethriftyjewell.com/ My Poshmark:https://posh.mk/Kp3Gr9qts6 Being organized is key when running an online store from home. I have a TON of inventory! My basement is my home office. I… Continue reading Galvanized Clothing Rack Clothing Storage Solutions