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Dollar Tree Pizza Pan Easter Religious Crosses Craft

This is a quick, fun Dollar Tree craft you can make for Easter. I made it from a round pizza pan, some craft paint, three wooden crosses, three bags of moss and flowers, all found at Dollar Tree.

First I painted the pan. Two coats of the yellow and orange, blending at the line.

I felt the colors were too bright so I took some waverly brown paint that I had on hand and lightly brushed it over the colors after they dried.

I was satisfied with the more muted color scheme.

Next I used the same brown paint and mixed it with a little water to create a “stain” to use on the crosses.

I then glued the crosses in place with hot glue and then, layer by layer, I added the moss until it was a secure. Then I glued the flowers and the twine onto the back and added the white strip of fabric that I cut from a handkerchief.

And here it is.

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Dollar Tree Pizza Pan Craft DIY Wall Hanging Farmhouse Decor

This is an easy Diy craft and it is one of my most pinned on Pinterest! It’s amazing what a pizza pan and a placemat can transform into.

I started with a round silver pizza pan from Dollar Tree.

I spray painted it and distressed it with some sandpaper.

This placemat is from Dollar Tree. They have lots of different ones with different sayings.

I bought this grease splatter screen from Dollar Tree. It’s perfect size to fit inside the pan and it already has the knob on it so you can hold it in place while you cut out the circle. A utility knife is easiest.

Here’s the circle. The words fit perfectly inside.

I use mod podge to glue it down. I tried hot glue before and it came out lumpy. This works best.

All ready

See how it fits inside? The splatter screen works great!

You can leave it plain but I like to fill in with rope. Got mine at Dollar Tree.

There is plenty to spare on this roll of rope. You will have left over.

Cut the rope to fit then hot glue it around.

This needs something more…

A burlap wired ribbon and a Gerber daisy…perfect!

Last thing, I glued a piece of rope to the back with hot glue so I could hang it up.

There are many possibilities with colors and ribbons that you can do with this craft to make it your own. Try it!