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Organize A Small Deep Chest Freezer

We have a small deep chest freezer. I really wish I would have thought it through better and bought an upright…but this is what I have so I came up with a solution to see everything that’s inside. It takes a little shuffling but it works so much better then this…

Here everything is in a pile. It was so hard to see what I had at the bottom. I would dig through and not find what I was looking for and my hands would get cold and I would give up and run to the store to get it.

I picked up three of these deep baskets from Dollar Tree and went to work. I pulled everything out and found things I thought I didn’t have, who knew?

I organized different types of meat in each basket.

I stacked the baskets on top of each other

And boom…took care of my problem for $3! Now all I have to do is pull out the baskets to see what I have, use up what I have and save money.