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Gardening: Large Planter Tip

I have a use for empty pop cans or empty water bottles work great too! We just have an excessive amount of carbonated water cans right now due to covid-19 and the inability to return cans right now. I bought these giant planter pots for the deck and I don’t like filling them all the… Continue reading Gardening: Large Planter Tip

Money Saving Tips

Money saving tip

I wanted to share one of my money saving apps with you. It's called Fetch Rewards and it is legit. All you do is download the app and scan your grocery store receipts. You collect points and you can cash in your points for gift cards. Check out the link below and use my referral… Continue reading Money saving tip

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TV Stand A Makeover Sneak Peek

Hey Everyone! Just a quick sneak peek of my latest project. I'm giving my laminate tv stand a makeover. It was scratched up pretty bad and I'm not talking about a cute distressed look. It also had a puppy chewed corner... It was not pleasing to my eye! I was thinking about getting a new… Continue reading TV Stand A Makeover Sneak Peek