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Shabby Chic Jewelry Picture Frame Craft Diy

We have been spending the week at our lake house and it is wintertime so there is not a lot of outside activities. Sure we have gone for walks on the frozen lake and had some success at ice fishing but it has warmed up enough for the lake to get slushy on top so now it is unsafe.

Walking on the Frozen Lake
Ice Fishing
My Crazy Dog Having a Blast!

We have had a lovely time and we were all ready to head back home but our Jeep wouldn’t start. It is currently in the shop and we are in a stuck in a waiting game. I mean if I were to choose to be stranded anywhere, it would be here.

Dinner View

I love to craft and felt the urge to hot glue something so I pulled out some costume jewelry I have been collecting from thrift stores and my hot glue gun and and old frame and got busy. My local thrift bundles up broken jewelry into baggies and sells them as craft jewelry. It’s a wonderful idea!

I used wire cutter pliers and broke all the posts of the earrings and pins of of brooches and took apart a few necklaces and laid it all out. I ended up using more jewelry pieces then what is pictured above.

I started gluing. I had some idea of how I wanted it. I knew for sure the giant rhinestone brooch would be on the top corner, then I went from there. This picture is with all the jewelry in the previous picture. It takes a lot of jewelry! I used a 5×7 frame. I picked this one up at the thrift store. The edge needs to be flat and wide enough to accommodate the jewelry. This one worked perfectly.

Here is the finished product. It is the first jewelry frame I have made. I think this one will go in my walk-in closet with my grand kids picture in it.

Now I want to start a collection of jewelry and frames for our guests that come to visit and like to craft and they can have a keepsake to take home.

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Decorating Our Lake House On A Thrifty Budget; The Living Room

We bought our dream home! My husband and I have talked for years about buying a lake house. We love the great outdoors! Our current full time residence is in the city. My husband retires from work in a few years. When that magic moment happens, our plan is to sell our house and move into our vacation home which happens to be on a lake! For now we are slowly decorating it to be our forever home.

Because we have two houses, there is more of an expense so we have to make changes slowly. I happen to LOVE thrifting! I have gathered a few things here and there to decorate the lake house with. I’m no professional, I just love making things homey and why not do it on the cheap? I will be changing things up when we make our move but for now, I am having fun decorating on a budget. There’s no shame in my thrifting game!

I wanted to share some of the cute items I have purchased from thrift stores, garage sales, consignment shops and curb shopping. I’m doing this blog series room by room so be sure to follow me so you can read them all! I will also be updating as I redecorate.

This post is a about the living room. I keep moving things around in here because I’m just having fun trying to see what goes best where. Almost everything in this room was either thrifted, bought at an outlet or free!

I found the chocolate microfiber sectional and end tables at a local furniture outlet. The outlet is a little warehouse really. I paid a great price for the size that it is. It’s so soft and comfy and it can hold my whole family! Don’t hesitate checking out outlet stores, you might be surprised what you’ll find.

I’ve wanted a big, chunky dining table that my family can fit around for sometime. My husband found this set on Facebook, a local moving sale. They wanted $300, he offered $250, they said “ come get it.” It’s heavy and great quality. They said they paid nearly $4000 for it and the buffet new. They had the buffet for sale too but we didn’t have room fit it. The table fits the room nicely. It also has an additional leaf that expands the table to nine feet! I just love it.

This Antler Chandelier…guess what, it was FREE! My husband’s work had a reward program and we saved up poker chips that they gave out for rewards and we were able to cash them in and get this amazing chandelier. It was over $300! I still can’t believe it was free. Here is a before of what it looked like with the previous chandelier.

Then there’s the vintage snow shoes above the glass doors. I wanted a pair so bad but every pair I found cost way more then I was willing to spend. I found these on eBay and I bid on them and won the auction. I got them for around $80 shipped from Canada! I felt like I won the lottery, lol. I found the poles at the local thrift store for .50! All the small decor around the room I either got at the thrift or on clearance. I very rarely pay full price for anything.

My antique trunk, I love this old thing. I curb shopped it. Someone threw it out! It was down the street from our house. I had my husband go look at it with me. He had just had surgery and couldn’t lift anything. I lugged it home. We joked about what the neighbors were thinking if they saw us, him walking behind me while I was carrying this huge trunk! It was heavy but I was determined to get it home. I did some research and estimate it to be from the very early 1900’s. Why would someone throw this away? It’s just perfect! Funny side story, my husband almost bought a giant brass mermaid to put on top of the trunk from a moving sale but they were asking way too much. That would have made a great conversation piece.

I got this cozy little rocking chair at an estate sale down the road. It was $20! It is like new, not even broken in. All the live plants were given to me from the lady that we bought the dining table from. So far they are doing great, considering they only get watered every month or so.

The area rugs are, believe it or not, machine washable! They are called Ruggables. I had to have these with the dog and we run in and out all summer with sandy feet. They are so easy to clean and totally worth the money. I found mine on Amazon, I didn’t want to pay full price on their website.

It really pays to shop around, literally. I enjoy the thrill of the hunt and the satisfaction of saving money. My next blog will be my shabby chic guest room. I love shabby chic and I’m having a ball with this one! Until then..thanks for stopping by.

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Winter On The Lake

In the Northern woods sits this place, this very magical place, that is very near and dear to my heart. A place to me, like no other. A place where all your troubles seem to melt away. A place that calls out to me often. It is a hidden gem. Allow me to take you there for a visit..

Welcome to our cottage. We are on a small private lake where most residents are gone for the winter months which makes it extremely quiet. The summers are alive and vivacious, that will bring more stories later on, but for now, here are a few photos of how we spend our time during the Winter…on the lake.

We walk. Most wouldn’t dare to venture out on cold, wintery days, but there is just something about getting bundled up and going out for a hike. We have a road around our lake that is so beautiful. It is about a two mile hike. It is all woods and in the winter you can hear little rustling here and there, the snow falling from the trees, the wind whistling above and the birds singing lovely tunes. It is one of the things that I have found most calming to my soul. I feel God so close here. All the hustle and bustle of city life is non-existent here. (My Wheaten Saphira loves it also, as you can tell).

Snow Shoeing. I haven’t done this a lot, but I can say it is a fun winter activity, oh and be prepared to break a sweat! My Hubby took this photo from inside the house. I was showing off to him haha.. Good Times! The lake is right behind me, iced over and covered in a blanket of snow. Which leads me to my next photo…

This was last winter…we are still waiting for the ice to be ready to walk on. I had fun “fishing” from inside the living room, coffee in hand, watching for the tip up flags to go up, that means “fish on!” Looking forward to this again, hopefully, in the next few weeks.

When our grandson’s come to visit, sledding is always a fun activity! Although going to the local cafe for hot cocoa is the best time of all!

Oh LOOK! There is a YETI at our door!

I think my absolute favorite winter activity of all is snuggling under a cozy blanket, warm drink in hand, Saphira curled up at my feet, watching the snow fall.