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Galvanized Clothing Rack Clothing Storage Solutions

I have my own online clothing boutique. I also sell clothing on Poshmark. I’ll link my websites here in case you want to check them out.

My Boutique:

My Poshmark:

Being organized is key when running an online store from home. I have a TON of inventory! My basement is my home office. I needed clothing racks!

I was shopping online for clothing racks and couldn’t believe the prices! I needed something sturdy so I showed my hubby some ideas from Pinterest and this is what he came up with.

He built me three of these! They are made from galvanized plumbers pipe and let me tell you, you could do chin ups on these things!

He measured and drew up some plans then we went to Home Depot. We went to the plumbing department and an employee cut all the different size pipes that we needed for FREE! All we had to do was go home and screw them all together.

Maybe I can get my husband to list the dimensions for me and I will add them on here.

These are some different angles.

These hold a lot of clothes. I have some really nice clear dust covers I found on Amazon to put over the clothes.

These would also be great in a laundry room or in a room with no closet. And they will not break under all the weight. our total cost for one rack was around $70.

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Decorating Our Lake House on a Thrifty Budget: The Laundry Room

We have been slowly decorating our dream lake house room by room. The house was already beautiful and move in ready but I just want to put my own touches in each room. This will be our place to retire in a few years so it is a work in progress.

You can read my other posts about the other rooms I have done. I am a thrifty person. I love thrift stores and finding things on clearance. I hardly ever pay full price for anything.

This was our laundry room before. It was already nice before and has lots of storage but I wanted more functionality. I wanted to have an industrial shelf and we needed somewhere to hang clothes to dry and since we are on a lake, a place to hang wet swimsuits.

My handy husband made this shelf with some plumbing pipes and fittings. He cut the wood to fit, stained it then put it up. It’s decorative and functional. I think it fills the space in better and I have a place to sit some decorative things on. Before I had no surfaces to sit anything on.

He then made this industrial clothing rack out of a wood board, plumbing pipes and fittings. This wall was big and bare. This is a perfect spot to hang clothes to dry or swimsuits and towels.

This was a very quick, fun project. We got it done in one day. I’m very happy with how it turned out.