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Curb Shopped Vintage Footstool Redo

My husband was out working one day and seen this bench setting out on a curb. He brought it home to me and I was ecstatic!

I love vintage furniture and I love restoring it. I knew what I was going to do right away.

The frame on this stool is amazing. I didn’t have to do one thing to the finish.

It was solid and clean! So I just redid the upholstery. I removed the leather that was torn and added a thin fresh padding to the top. I bought white fur from Joanns and stapled it on.

I just love it! I put it in my walk-in closet. It was such a dramatic transformation. You can find so many cool things in the trash!

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TV Stand Makeover w/Chalk Paint DIY

We have had this black laminate tv stand for years. It was an eye sore to me. Now I love a distressed look but this just wasn’t cutting it. I have tried covering the scratches with a black marker, no go! I was thinking about donating it and getting something else but I am too thrifty! I couldn’t see spending a couple of hundred dollars for another one, so I spent around $25 instead. Here’s how I made it over.

I started by cleaning the tv stand with Awesome. Most dollar stores sell it. I sprayed it on and wiped real good.

The next thing I did was apply contact paper to the inside of the stand. I found this contact paper at the Dollar Tree. They have some really cute prints. I ended up applying it to the shelves as well.

This is the paint I used. This is the first time I have used it and it won’t be the last. I was very impressed with the quality and coverage. You can paint on most any surface without sanding. I used Paris Gray. It is found in Boutiques. I had to find it online and order it since we are under a “Stay at Home” order. I ended up ordering some more for upcoming furniture makeovers I have planned. I highly recommend this paint!

These are the brushes I used. I painted the big surface areas with the large chalk paint brush with natural bristles. I found it on amazon. It worked well. I used the other brushes in the smaller areas. The flat brush I used to apply the wax.

This definitely needed two coats! This was after one coat, you can see the black shining through. I let it dry then applied the second coat. It dries really fast. By the time I finished the first coat, it was ready for the second.

Here is the finished product. My Wheaten, Saphira thought I was taking her picture when I got my camera out lol. She sat right down and posed. I had to throw this picture in.

This is the inside with the contact paper. I dislike painting inside cabinets. This was much easier and I think it adds nice contrast.

I’m happy with the color I chose. I thought it would be a little darker but this actually makes things look brighter. I added a coat of clear chalk paint wax. This is an important step to protect the paint. Brush it on and after it dries buff. Now as soon as my additional paint arrives I will paint the end tables in my living room, pictured below.

These are in dire need of a makeover! I can’t wait to get started on them…

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Furniture Redo Curb Shopped Antique Dresser Restoration Shabby Chic

Let’s talk about this antique dresser. I curb shopped it…Yes, someone threw it away! My husband thought I was crazy when I said; “Stop, Let’s get that!” I seen the potential and had to have it! We put it in the Jeep, I remember it barely fit, It was very beat up and had country blue painted drawer fronts and white handles. It was covered in nail polish among other things. I had a heck of a time cleaning it. I also had to peel kids Snow White wallpaper from inside the drawers that someone used as drawer liner. I painted it with chalk paint then I bought new handles from Hobby Lobby and BOOM! It was just how I envisioned it when I seen it on the curb. It’s one of my favorite pieces.