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Breast Cancer Awareness

I am a color street stylist and this month they are pledging $200,000 to Organizations that raise awareness, fund research, and provide support services. You can help by purchasing these beautiful nail strips! Go to my website link below and check it out!!

My Color Street Website

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Color Street Nail Strip Storage Idea

I am a color street stylist! What is Color Street? 100% Nail Polish in nail strip form that you apply to your nails dry and they last for 10-14 days and they are made in the USA!

I came up with a great storage idea for all those nail strips and tools needed to apply them!

I bought this container : from Amazon. It fits the nail strip packs perfectly and I have room for my files, buffers and other supplies needed to apply Color Street. The dividers are movable so you can adjust as needed. It has pink trim which I love.

It can be taken to parties very easily and everything is right at your fingertips.

Whether you are a stylist or just obsessed with Color Street this box is perfect!

If you want to shop for nail strips, here is my link: Shop Color Street

If you are interested in becoming a stylist here is my link to join: Become a Stylist