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How To Avoid Reseller Burnout; Full-Time Reseller EBay Poshmark and Etsy

Avoid Reseller Burnout

I am a full-time thrifter and reseller. I also make YouTube videos to document my journey.

Check out my channel here: The Thrifty Jewell

Stop by and say hello!

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I Have a New YouTube Channel all about thrifting and reselling on eBay, Poshmark & Etsy. Become a Subscriber!

I Have a New YouTube Channel all about thrifting and reselling on eBay, Poshmark & Etsy. Become a Subscriber!

Check out my videos here My YouTube Channel

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Taco Mac & Cheese Aldi Ingredients Recipe

This is a quick, hardy recipe! I spent the day thrifting, I’m a full-time thrifter/reseller, I was tired and hungry when I came home. I had this dinner whipped up in literally, less then 30 minutes. This recipe has four ingredients and I used all ingredients from Aldi.

These are the ingredients plus 1-lb of ground beef.

Start by browning the ground beef. while that’s cooking, make the Mac & cheese according to the box instructions.

After the ground beef is browned, drain and add one packet of taco seasoning and a can of diced tomatoes with green chilies or you can use Rotel.

Simmer while macaroni is cooking.

Once macaroni is cooked, stir in the cheese sauce.

Dump the Mac and cheese into the ground beef mixture and stir all together.

You will very quickly have a delicious comfort meal.

I served ours with a salad mix from Aldi and we ended up having no leftovers. This would be a great busy weeknight dinner.

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Sweet & Spicy Fresh Pineapple

This is a great summer fruit dessert. Its quick and easy. It’s the perfect amount of sweet and spicy.

You will need a fresh pineapple cut up into chunks, honey to drizzle, fresh lime juice from one lime, tajin spice, about a Tablespoon and fresh chopped cilantro.

I just mix everything together in a bowl. It’s the very best when you let it chill in the refrigerator for about an hour. It’s even delicious the next day!

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Two Ingredient Gluten Free Pizza Dough

I have been working on cutting gluten out of my diet. I’m testing it for a while to see if it helps with my recent health issues.

Here is a recipe that I came up with. I used to make two ingredient pizza dough with regular flour and thought I would try the gluten free all purpose flour I get from Walmart. It turned out equally as good!

I make a personal size pizza but you can change the amount of you want a larger size.

I just mix equal parts gluten free all purpose flour and Greek yogurt. I like Chobani non-fat plain but you can use whatever you like, just use Greek yogurt.

For a personal size pizza I use 1/2 cup flour and 1/2 cup yogurt. Mix it in until it starts to cling together.

Use hands to form it into a ball, no need to let rise.

I use a pizza stone sprayed with a little olive oil, then pat the dough out.

Add toppings. I used pizza sauce, mozzarella, red onions and cherry tomatoes cut in half. I spray a little olive oil on top and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese then bake in a 400 degree oven for 12-15 minutes. Every oven is different so keep an eye on it.

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Removable Wallpaper Shabby Chic Decor

I have blogged about my Shabby Chic guest bedroom before, I’ll link it below, and I just finished a new quick project in that room and thought I’d share it. I wanted a wallpaper accent wall but didn’t want the hard work that comes along with installing it, plus I wanted something that would be easy to remove if I decided to change it.

I used contact paper! The kind that you line drawers and cabinets with. I found a print that I liked, this purple floral has a vintage look to it, it’s perfect!

I just measured the wall, ceiling to molding and cut it to size. There is a grid on the back so you can make sure you’re cutting straight. Then I peeled and stuck! I found it easiest to peel back a small amount, start it at the top and unroll and peel the backing at the same time.

It was very forgiving to work with. I had to remove it in spots and reposition. It worked great! Here is a close up. It’s so cute!

Now, if I get tired of it, I can just peel it off, easy peasy!

This would be a great project for a kids room, they are ever changing, or for a rental residence. I was able to do this wall in under two hours. No messy glues and it’s not permanent!

Shabby Chic Guest Bedroom

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What Sold on eBay

I am a full-time reseller. I sell on eBay and Poshmark. I find most of my goods at thrift stores and garage sales. I do buy new wholesale items to resell also, but I just really enjoy thrifting!

I would like to add a “What Sold” category to my blog because I have so many asking about my business.

I was on vacation over Memorial Weekend so this was actually a slow weekend because I wasn’t very active in my stores. But I still made some sales.

The first thing I sold was this Red Denim Hot topic Skirt. I had it listed for $24 and received an offer for $20. That was a good offer so I took it.

I don’t always buy big name brand items. I pick an item because of style. This is a Casual Corner tunic that caught my eye so I grabbed it. I paid .25 so I figured $14 was a great profit for this quick sale!

Vintage Levi’s are so easy to sell and so hot right now so I always pick them up. I sold these Levi’s within a couple of days of listing them. Made a great profit too!

These Everlane Cigarette jeans were a very quick sale! I paid $2, great sale, don’t you think?

These Orthopedic Dress Shoes were a fast move. Shoes are always an easy sell.

This Tea Set took a little while to sell. They also were taking up shelf space so I accepted an offer for $25 plus ship.

I honestly thought that these shoes would sell for more but it doesn’t always work out that way. I accepted an offer, these had sat for some time. Still made a profit considering these cost me .50.

After I came home from my weekend, I sold four more items! I also made a sale in my Online Boutique!

I will link all of my shops here:

My Boutique

My eBay Store

My Poshmark Closet

Let me know if you like this type of content.

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DIY Tree Branch Blanket Ladder

I love rustic, shabby chic, eclectic home decor. I wanted to make a blanket ladder for our family room and I came up with this idea.

We live on the lake, in the forest and I found these branches one our property.

I cut the sides to five feet and then cut the rungs to 16” and screwed through the sides into each rung end.

The last step was to sand any loose rough areas and coat the ladder in polyurethane. I let it dry overnight.

Here it is in place. It turned out so good!

Perfect rustic decor for a house in the woods.

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Leather Belt Ottoman Diy

I was inspired a few years ago with a chair that I saw in a artsy shop made with leather belts and so I started my own belt collection.

Vintage leather belts are a dime a dozen at a lot of thrift stores. I pick them up when I see them. They don’t have to be in great condition and they don’t need to have buckles for these types of projects, you cut them off anyway.

This was my pile. I went through them and cut off the ends. I used fabric shears.

I picked this foot stool up from Goodwill for $2 and thought it would be the piece for this project. It was already painted this a avocado green with a distressed look to it. I did want to change it. It was perfect!

The only things I did to it was remove the seat, four screws and wash it up.

This is my absolute favorite tool. A Ryobi Airstrike. I don’t think I could have done this project without this. I’m a weakling lol. I used 1-1/4” staples. They went through the thick leather belts like butter!

I separated the short belts from the long belts and went to work. I stapled all the long belts on first, both ends.

Then I started weaving the short belts through the long belts. It was easy until I got to the end. It got pretty snug but I got it. The tooled leather belts are my favorite.

This is what the underneath looked like when it was finished. I put two staples in each belt.

Here it is…I’m not sure how much weight this will hold but it is so sturdy! I’m not sure we’re I’ll put it yet but I tucked it in this corner to get some pictures. I’m in love!