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Wire Wrapped Earrings DIY

I have a new hobby and I’m obsessed. I’ve started making wire wrapped jewelry. It really is fairly easy. I wanted to share how I made these earrings. This is what I used. I bought these wire earrings on Amazon. You could make your own from wire but I already had them. I used 20… Continue reading Wire Wrapped Earrings DIY


I had De Quervain’s Tendon Release surgery

This is my person experience with De Quervain's Tenosynovitis Tendon Release Surgery. When I found out I had it, I did some research and didn't find much on personal experience's so I decided to write my own. I, like a lot of people had not heard of it until it happened to me. Hopefully I… Continue reading I had De Quervain’s Tendon Release surgery

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My Instant Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe

This is my absolute favorite soup. It’s hearty, comforting and easy to make. I have been making this for years on the stove but recently converted it to the instant pot. Here are the ingredients: 2 T Olive Oil1 Medium onion diced2 Garlic cloves minced 2 T Chili powder1 T Oregano 1 4oz Can Mild… Continue reading My Instant Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe

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Jewelry Making

I am a person of many interests. I love crafting, photography, blogging, thrifting and reselling, among other things...but I’m always looking for something new to try. I bought a Cricut a few months ago and I’ve been making leather earrings which are very fun to make and very on trend. But I’ve recently discovered something… Continue reading Jewelry Making


Kitten Spay Recovery Tips Surgical Recovery Suit

I have a Calico Cat. Her name is Cali. It was time for her spay surgery so I did some research before hand and discovered this Surgical recovery suit I chose this over the “Cone of Shame” It has been the best choice. I think it was way more comfortable for her. This is Cali… Continue reading Kitten Spay Recovery Tips Surgical Recovery Suit


Homemade Pierogi

This is my recipe for homemade pierogi. I recommend making them in small batches, for me they turn out better when I make them in small batches. I start with 2-1/2 cups of flour, 1 tsp Salt, 1 egg and 3/4-1 cup of hot water. Mix flour with salt and add to a mixing bowl.… Continue reading Homemade Pierogi

Cleaning Tips

Homemade Jewelry Cleaner Especially for Silver

This is a great way to clean jewelry at home. It works great on silver. Lay a piece of Aluminum Foil in a bowl. Add a teaspoon of salt, sprinkle in some baking soda and add a squirt of Dawn dish soap. Heat water to hot but not boiling. Pour into bowl and stir. Take… Continue reading Homemade Jewelry Cleaner Especially for Silver


We Process Our Own Venison

For the past few years we have been processing our own venison. My husband is a hunter and we are big DIYer’s. We like to do whatever we can on our own. We are not experts but we are getting better at every one we do. After my husband skinned the deer, he cut up… Continue reading We Process Our Own Venison

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Dollar Tree Cricut Crafts: Graphic Oven Mitts Christmas Gift Idea

This is an easy craft if you have a cricut, I made three in less then an hour. Dollar Tree has these oven mitts with a pocket. You can stuff it with cookie or cake mixes and even a fun kitchen gadget. They are perfect for gift giving for teachers, white elephant, stocking stuffers or… Continue reading Dollar Tree Cricut Crafts: Graphic Oven Mitts Christmas Gift Idea

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Mashed Potato Bombs

This is a total comfort food recipe! They are perfectly crisp on the outside and soft and gooey and full of flavor on the inside. Here’s how you make them: 3-1/2 C Mashed potatoes (cold and leftover is better)Approximately 3/4 C All Purpose FlourSalt, Pepper, Garlic Powder to your liking1 EggPanko CrumbsFor the filling: Cheddar… Continue reading Mashed Potato Bombs