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Adding to my Hustle: Color Street Nails

I love to hustle! I have the need to stay busy. I thrift and resell on eBay, Poshmark and Etsy, been doing that for years and it never gets old. I recently bought a Cricut and have sold a few pair of earrings that I made on Etsy.

Czech me out

I have added yet another way to earn money to my list. I joined Color Street!! If you haven’t heard of that, they are real 100% nail polish strips that you stick on your nails and they last for 10-14 days! I’m so impressed with this product. They offer so many fun colors and patterns. The new Fall collection just came out and they are beautiful!

I’ll post links of the unboxing of my kit and some videos I made of how to apply and remove them below. I’d be thrilled if you’d check them out!

My unboxing video

How to apply color street nail strips

How to remove color street nail strips

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