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I Monetized My Blog Using AdSense And Got Paid!

I got my first payout from AdSense! I started my blog a couple of years ago but just recently in the past few months have become serious about it and it’s finally paying off!

I use WordPress for my Blog site. I did a lot of research and figured it out on my own. I set up an AdSense account and linked it to my blog site. It’s a step by step process and AdSense does the rest. They post relative ads on your site and every click earns money.

Google Adsense

At first it was a few cents here and there and then a few dollars and it just keeps growing!

What I do is consistently blog then I share my blogs on social media. I share to Facebook, I have a fb page for my blog and I share on my personal page. I also share to Pinterest. I have grown my Pinterest by staying active on there and that is where most of my view come from!

My Pinterest

It seems like a lot but once you have everything set up it’s a piece of cake. I just Blog and share and watch my money grow!!

If you are a blogger why not monetize and earn money doing something you love??

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