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Storing Workout Equipment in a Small Space

I don’t have a gym membership, I am too thrifty. I would rather work out at home. Walking is my favorite activity but I am working on getting into get in a stretching routine. I have a bunch of bands and yoga equiptment and I needed a place to store it all. I had them stacked in my basement and every time I passed it I would make a mental note, “I need to find a place for all that!” Well in my quarantine boredom, I came up with a solution.


I Have this entry table in my living room where I have baskets stored underneath. I like working out in my living room, my office is in my basement and I spend a lot of time there and I just don’t like working out down there. I was looking around and thought’ “The Baskets!”

I was able to fit all bulky items perfectly inside the tall basket. I just sat a couple of pillows on top to disguise them.

My bands and smaller items fit in the small basket with a little room to spare.

Now everything is easily accessible and you wouldn’t even know it was all there! Now I have no excuse..



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