Removable Wallpaper Shabby Chic Decor

I have blogged about my Shabby Chic guest bedroom before, I’ll link it below, and I just finished a new quick project in that room and thought I’d share it. I wanted a wallpaper accent wall but didn’t want the hard work that comes along with installing it, plus I wanted something that would be easy to remove if I decided to change it.

I used contact paper! The kind that you line drawers and cabinets with. I found a print that I liked, this purple floral has a vintage look to it, it’s perfect!

I just measured the wall, ceiling to molding and cut it to size. There is a grid on the back so you can make sure you’re cutting straight. Then I peeled and stuck! I found it easiest to peel back a small amount, start it at the top and unroll and peel the backing at the same time.

It was very forgiving to work with. I had to remove it in spots and reposition. It worked great! Here is a close up. It’s so cute!

Now, if I get tired of it, I can just peel it off, easy peasy!

This would be a great project for a kids room, they are ever changing, or for a rental residence. I was able to do this wall in under two hours. No messy glues and it’s not permanent!

Shabby Chic Guest Bedroom

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