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Color Street Nail Prep DIY Manicure

Here are some quick tips on how to prep your nail beds for Color Street Nail Strips. Just a few minutes of prep time and you will have a nail salon quality manicure.

I start by assembling my supplies.

File and shape nails. I like these glass nail files best. They also work great when applying nail strips.

Next, soak your fingers in very warm water with some gentle cleanser. I like to use Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap. It is very moisturizing to your skin! I also add a couple of drops of essential oil.

Now that your cuticles are softened, push them back using a cuticle pusher. Below is a video link I made with a few more details. Check it out!

Color Street Nail Prep DIY Manicure

Here is my finished manicure. This shade is called Scot Topic. It’s very Fallish. If you would like to order nail strips here is my website link. Order Color Street

If you would like to try a FREE sample, click this link. Free Sample

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