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Cinco de Mayo Taco Salad Shell Recipe

Well it’s Cinco de Mayo and we are still not able to eat inside restaurants in our state due to Covid-19 Quarantine, so I am making our Mexican dinner at home.

My hubby loves deep fried tacos so that’s what he will be having but I wanted a salad. So I just wanted to share a quick tip on how I make my flour tortilla shell bowls. I deep fry mine, I’ve tried the baked and it’s just not the same.

Start by heating a small pot of canola or vegetable oil on the stove.

Place the tortilla in the HOT oil and having an aluminum can near, press the can down in the center of the tortilla. The tortilla will sink and the edges will lift and fold around the can. Hold until shape is formed.

The can will start to heat up so have a pair of tongs near by. Once the shell has formed a bowl shape, remove the can.

I then take the shell and move it around in the oil until it has a golden color.

Take the shell out and drain on paper towel, then you are ready to add the filling.

I added lettuce first then black beans, corn, onions, meat, cheese and for the dressing I mixed Ranch dressing with Salsa from a jar and a little lime juice. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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