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Faux Leather Earrings DIY

I have started making a line of earrings for my boutique and wanted to share some of my tips.

Here is a recent pair I made.

When I first started making them, I didn’t like that the backs were plain, either white cotton material or a flat looking fabric. If you have short hair or wear your hair up, you can see that side from the back.

I use my Cricut to cut out my earrings, you can also do it by hand but I’m not that steady.

I choose two sheets of leather that match. I cut them in the desired shape.

Here are my two cut pieces.

I glue the two back to back with a glue like Aleens fabric glue. Don’t get to close to the edge with the glue or it will squish out.

Press them together and then place them under a book or something heavy for a few hours or even better, overnight.

Be patient and let them dry.

Now the fun part. After they are dry, I use a leather hole punch to make a hole for the hardware.

I chose to add a druzy stone to this pair.

After gluing in the druzy and letting dry, I put them all together!

My finished product.

Now from the backs of these you see a nice leather material. It gives the earrings a nice finished look.

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