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Wire Wrapped Earrings DIY

I have a new hobby and I’m obsessed. I’ve started making wire wrapped jewelry. It really is fairly easy. I wanted to share how I made these earrings.

This is what I used. I bought these wire earrings on Amazon. You could make your own from wire but I already had them. I used 20 gauge wire for wrapping. You could use thicker or thinner, just be sure your beads slide on. I also like to use broken jewelry that I find at thrift stores, usually marked as craft jewelry. I like to recycle and I like making unique earrings, and I’m thrifty and beads can be expensive!

These are my go to tools that I use for making jewelry. Wire cutters, pliers and nylon covered pliers.

I cut wire to fit the earrings with enough to wrap edges around a couple of times.

I used my pliers to wrap the wire around one side of the earring.

Then I added my beads and wrapped the other side.

After I got them wrapped tight, I squeeze the coils with the pliers to straighten them out and make sure both sides are symmetrical.

I compared both earrings to make sure they look the same.

Then I added the hooks.

I attached them to an earring card I made with my Cricut. I have these and other jewelry I have made for sale in my shop. Here’s the link: Earrings

These make great gift ideas as well!

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