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TV Stand Makeover w/Chalk Paint DIY

We have had this black laminate tv stand for years. It was an eye sore to me. Now I love a distressed look but this just wasn’t cutting it. I have tried covering the scratches with a black marker, no go! I was thinking about donating it and getting something else but I am too thrifty! I couldn’t see spending a couple of hundred dollars for another one, so I spent around $25 instead. Here’s how I made it over.

I started by cleaning the tv stand with Awesome. Most dollar stores sell it. I sprayed it on and wiped real good.

The next thing I did was apply contact paper to the inside of the stand. I found this contact paper at the Dollar Tree. They have some really cute prints. I ended up applying it to the shelves as well.

This is the paint I used. This is the first time I have used it and it won’t be the last. I was very impressed with the quality and coverage. You can paint on most any surface without sanding. I used Paris Gray. It is found in Boutiques. I had to find it online and order it since we are under a “Stay at Home” order. I ended up ordering some more for upcoming furniture makeovers I have planned. I highly recommend this paint!

These are the brushes I used. I painted the big surface areas with the large chalk paint brush with natural bristles. I found it on amazon. It worked well. I used the other brushes in the smaller areas. The flat brush I used to apply the wax.

This definitely needed two coats! This was after one coat, you can see the black shining through. I let it dry then applied the second coat. It dries really fast. By the time I finished the first coat, it was ready for the second.

Here is the finished product. My Wheaten, Saphira thought I was taking her picture when I got my camera out lol. She sat right down and posed. I had to throw this picture in.

This is the inside with the contact paper. I dislike painting inside cabinets. This was much easier and I think it adds nice contrast.

I’m happy with the color I chose. I thought it would be a little darker but this actually makes things look brighter. I added a coat of clear chalk paint wax. This is an important step to protect the paint. Brush it on and after it dries buff. Now as soon as my additional paint arrives I will paint the end tables in my living room, pictured below.

These are in dire need of a makeover! I can’t wait to get started on them…

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Shabby Chic Vintage Window Farmhouse Decor

I love old windows! I have made several different home decor items with some that I have collected. I’ve had this old window in my collection for sometime now. I decided to use it in my guest room at our lake house.

Since we are in a “stay at home” order because of the corona virus and I can’t get to the stores for supplies, I used what I had in my craft stash.

I had this two pack of doilies from Dollar Tree. They have the perfect shabby chic look and they fit perfectly inside the window panes.

I used Modge Podge to glue the doilies to the glass. The glue goes on white but dries clear. I glued them to the back of the glass.

I used a wall decal sticker like the one above from Dollar Tree. Just peel and stick to the front of the glass.

To finish it off, I hot glued a flower to the front of the top window pane.

Sadly, this is my last window in my collection. I guess it’s time to hunt for some more! Thanks for stopping by!!

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Shabby Chic Jewelry Picture Frame Craft Diy

We have been spending the week at our lake house and it is wintertime so there is not a lot of outside activities. Sure we have gone for walks on the frozen lake and had some success at ice fishing but it has warmed up enough for the lake to get slushy on top so now it is unsafe.

Walking on the Frozen Lake
Ice Fishing
My Crazy Dog Having a Blast!

We have had a lovely time and we were all ready to head back home but our Jeep wouldn’t start. It is currently in the shop and we are in a stuck in a waiting game. I mean if I were to choose to be stranded anywhere, it would be here.

Dinner View

I love to craft and felt the urge to hot glue something so I pulled out some costume jewelry I have been collecting from thrift stores and my hot glue gun and and old frame and got busy. My local thrift bundles up broken jewelry into baggies and sells them as craft jewelry. It’s a wonderful idea!

I used wire cutter pliers and broke all the posts of the earrings and pins of of brooches and took apart a few necklaces and laid it all out. I ended up using more jewelry pieces then what is pictured above.

I started gluing. I had some idea of how I wanted it. I knew for sure the giant rhinestone brooch would be on the top corner, then I went from there. This picture is with all the jewelry in the previous picture. It takes a lot of jewelry! I used a 5×7 frame. I picked this one up at the thrift store. The edge needs to be flat and wide enough to accommodate the jewelry. This one worked perfectly.

Here is the finished product. It is the first jewelry frame I have made. I think this one will go in my walk-in closet with my grand kids picture in it.

Now I want to start a collection of jewelry and frames for our guests that come to visit and like to craft and they can have a keepsake to take home.

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Decorating Our Lake House on a Thrifty Budget; The Shabby Chic Guest Room

One of my favorite ways to decorate is Shabby Chic. I picked one room in the house that I could Shabby Chic my brains out…One of our guest rooms. I wanted to invite you in to take a look. I just love this room…so much, that I would love to take it over for my own!

I started with the queen size bed. It was when I saw this bedding from Home Goods, on clearance, I decided this was the room for the shabby chic decor. I love this comforter and shams. It looks a little frumpy and also has a faded vintage look to it. It is also heavy and warm! I took a headboard that my mother-in-law wasn’t using anymore and spray painted it a creamy off white. It didn’t have to be perfect, Imperfect is all part of the plan.

I had the old wooden six pane window frame for a while. I left it as is and added the ceramic heart with pink roses I found in a thrift store for .25!

It’s a very fragile piece. Hanging it up here, it should be kept safe. It looks handmade.

The wall vases are handmade by my hubby and I. He cut some old pallet wood for me and I lightly brush painted them and he attached the dollar store milk bottles to the wood for me and put picture hangers on the back. It was a very easy project.

Then there is this adorable nightstand. I found it in a consignment shop. I seen it across the store and new right away I had to have it!

It is lined with vintage wall paper that I would never ever Change.

It’s just adorable!

And those feet! I love this nightstand.

Let’s talk about these curtains! Oh my word, I love them! I initially bought them to use as a photo backdrop. I got them from Amazon, the link is below. They come in a variety of colors. The sheers are attached to the front of the colored fabric. You can style them different ways. The curtains can be pulled back and the sheers can hang down or vice versa. Or you can style them like I have done so here. They are amazing quality and a terrific price! Here is the link:

This metal arrow I had bought on clearance somewhere a long time ago. I needed something in this room for guests to hang their robes or bags or what have you. It did not have the white on it. I painted it to make it look shabby chic lol. I also added the bouquet. I’m not sure about it yet but it is functional.

Then there’s this little area.

Here are some Thrifted items, a Hobnail lamp, an old clock and a chipped teacup I used for a vase. I have them on this antique dresser I found. Pics below are before and after.

Yes, someone threw it away! My husband thought I was crazy when I said; “Stop, Let’s get that!” I seen the potential and had to have it! We put it in the Jeep, I remember it barely fit, It was very beat up and had country blue painted drawer fronts and white handles. It was covered in nail polish among other things. I had a heck of a time cleaning it. I also had to peel kids Snow White wallpaper from inside the drawers that someone used as drawer liner. I painted it with chalk paint then I bought new handles from Hobby Lobby and BOOM! It was just how I envisioned it when I seen it on the curb. It’s one of my favorite pieces.

The mirror above the dresser is another thrift store find. It’s so beautiful.

On this wall is a vintage window I had and I blogged about how I decorated it recently. And That is my grandmother’s wooden rocking chair, not sure on the age but my mom is 80 and remembers my grandma having when she was a child. It is blue, was once painted red. the blue has worn and chipped in spots and the red shows, It is perfect for this room. I also added these old picnic table bench seats that have been on my porch for years to the foot of the bed. I was thinking about adding cushions but I’m not sure. I might leave them be.

I love the fact that I have somewhere to put my grandmother’s rocking chair and it fits perfectly.

Last but not least, this amazing antique crystal chandelier! It was $2! I knew when I seen this, even though it needed a lot of work, that it would be perfect in this room. I have a blog about how we fixed it up and hung it here: Chandelier

It still has the old lightbulbs in it and they all work! I think this is my favorite piece in this room! Did I say I love this room??

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Decorating Our Lake House On A Thrifty Budget The Master Bedroom Suite

We bought our dream home! My husband and I have talked for years about buying a lake house. We love the great outdoors! Our current full time residence is in the city. My husband retires from work in a few years. When that magic moment happens, our plan is to sell our house and move into our vacation home which happens to be on a lake! For now we are slowly decorating it to be our forever home.

Because we have two houses, there is more of an expense so we have to make changes slowly. I happen to LOVE thrifting! I have gathered a few things here and there to decorate the lake house with. I’m no professional, I just love making things homey and why not do it on the cheap? I will be changing things up when we make our move but for now, I am having fun decorating on a budget. There’s no shame in my thrifting game!

I wanted to share some of the cute items I have purchased from thrift stores, garage sales, consignment shops and curb shopping. I’m doing this blog series room by room so be sure to follow me so you can read them all! I will also be updating as I redecorate.

This blog is for the Master Suite. I am not through decorating it yet, the room is large and has a walk-in closet and master bath. I have a vision of how I want it and it is slow coming along.

Here is the bed.

I purchased the nautical theme bedding at Home Goods, (Home Goods is my favorite!) on clearance of course. It is branded by Tahari, very nice quality. The Throw pillows were all on clearance from Home Goods as well. Always check the clearance sections first!

The fabric headboard is from Amazon for around $200. I love my navy blue headboard! It looks more expensive than it was and it’s great for leaning against and reading. It is tufted upholstered fabric and I love it!

I have a cedar chest in my other home that my dad bought for me when I was 16. It will go at the foot of this bed when we move here.

I need a nightstand for my hubby’s side of the bed. The one we have now is a small black table that doesn’t really go but it’s functional.

My nightstand, I fell in love with it from across a thrift store room. I ran to it and said sold! I brought it home and painted it. I kept the inside original with the vintage shelf liner. I paid $20 for it. It’s an antique. It’s simply perfect. I am looking for something similar for the other side. I’ll find it.. Here is my little cutie.. I love the feet and the little dangling handle.

20$ nightstand

The vintage glass lamp on the night stand was, get this, .25!! That is 25 cents!! I bought it at a little thrift near our lake house that has tons of items for a quarter! I find lots of treasures there. I bought the lampshade new for $10, Walmart, I believe.. A pretty little lamp for $10.25! By the style of electrical cord, we estimate it to be from the 70s.. I love a bargain!

Vintage Glass Lamp $10.25
Lamp for a quarter

Now Let’s talk about the antique dresser. I curb shopped it…Yes, someone threw it away! My husband thought I was crazy when I said; “Stop, Let’s get that!” I seen the potential and had to have it! We put it in the Jeep, I remember it barely fit, It was very beat up and had country blue painted drawer fronts and white handles. It was covered in nail polish among other things. I had a heck of a time cleaning it. I also had to peel kids Snow White wallpaper from inside the drawers that someone used as drawer liner. I painted it with chalk paint then I bought new handles from Hobby Lobby and BOOM! It was just how I envisioned it when I seen it on the curb. It’s one of my favorite pieces.

After Curb shopped dresser

The lamp on top of the dresser, I also paid a quarter for! I added the shade, I curb shopped that. This is my favorite lamp ever. I love the mid-century shape and the white milk glass. It has a bulb inside the bottom and is a two way lamp. It gives such a nice ambiance to the room!

The mirror above the dresser is so pretty! I got it from Salvation Army for $15. It’s super heavy and used to be gold. Funny side story.. a lady tried to steal this mirror right out of my shopping cart! Needless to say, she didn’t get it. I’m kind of bummed I painted it now…I miss the gold. I was thinking I might add some touches of gold to it, I don’t know but it’s still such a pretty piece.

The vase in the corner I picked up for $5 at one of my favorite consignment shops in the clearance room. I don’t know what it is made of but it is incredibly heavy! I’m not sure about the arrangement, that’s what I stuck in there for the time being.

I have this sort of frumpy arm chair that I got for $20 at Salvation Army. It is so comfy. It needs a cleaning because it got drizzled on in the back of the truck while we were transporting it. It’s a nice place to sit.

Frumpy chair

This boat painting is on wood. I love it. I found it on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $12! This wall is between the closet and bathroom. I plan on putting this traditional, electric white fireplace that we have in the living room right under this picture after my husband builds a fireplace in the living room. I can’t wait to fill this wall with that fireplace. It will be so cozy.

Wood Boat painting

I’ve always wanted a walk in closet and I finally have one! I found this shabby chic chandelier in a consignment shop and my hubby hooked it up! It is a huge money saver when you can do projects on your own. It’s perfect for this closet space! This closet was bubble gum pink when we bought this place. Big difference.

Here are a few before and after shots of the master bathroom. It was also pink. We painted and changed the tile around the garden tub. We also changed the light fixture and painted the brass on the faucet silver. A face lift without ripping our the whole bathroom. Little changes can make a big difference.

After, I think Saphira approves
So fresh looking
The Sailboat Painting was also a SALE item!

After we finished everything, I was painting the rings around the faucet chrome. They originally were brass and instead of replacing the whole faucet, we decided a little paint would be less expensive. Well I accidentally knocked the paint into the tub and we immediately had a huge disaster on our hands! I stayed in the tub, ( I had paint on my feet!) while my husband ran to the hardware and bought mineral spirits. We scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed until it ALL came off! It was such a relief. We thought at first it was ruined! Thankfully you can’t even tell now.

The last thing we have to do in the bathroom is change the shower door. It has brass trim and no I won’t be painting it lol! We will be replacing with a frameless glass door.

So, these are a few of my thrifty finds. My next blog will be about the Living Room…until next time