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Removable Wallpaper Shabby Chic Decor

I have blogged about my Shabby Chic guest bedroom before, I’ll link it below, and I just finished a new quick project in that room and thought I’d share it. I wanted a wallpaper accent wall but didn’t want the hard work that comes along with installing it, plus I wanted something that would be easy to remove if I decided to change it.

I used contact paper! The kind that you line drawers and cabinets with. I found a print that I liked, this purple floral has a vintage look to it, it’s perfect!

I just measured the wall, ceiling to molding and cut it to size. There is a grid on the back so you can make sure you’re cutting straight. Then I peeled and stuck! I found it easiest to peel back a small amount, start it at the top and unroll and peel the backing at the same time.

It was very forgiving to work with. I had to remove it in spots and reposition. It worked great! Here is a close up. It’s so cute!

Now, if I get tired of it, I can just peel it off, easy peasy!

This would be a great project for a kids room, they are ever changing, or for a rental residence. I was able to do this wall in under two hours. No messy glues and it’s not permanent!

Shabby Chic Guest Bedroom

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What Sold on eBay

I am a full-time reseller. I sell on eBay and Poshmark. I find most of my goods at thrift stores and garage sales. I do buy new wholesale items to resell also, but I just really enjoy thrifting!

I would like to add a “What Sold” category to my blog because I have so many asking about my business.

I was on vacation over Memorial Weekend so this was actually a slow weekend because I wasn’t very active in my stores. But I still made some sales.

The first thing I sold was this Red Denim Hot topic Skirt. I had it listed for $24 and received an offer for $20. That was a good offer so I took it.

I don’t always buy big name brand items. I pick an item because of style. This is a Casual Corner tunic that caught my eye so I grabbed it. I paid .25 so I figured $14 was a great profit for this quick sale!

Vintage Levi’s are so easy to sell and so hot right now so I always pick them up. I sold these Levi’s within a couple of days of listing them. Made a great profit too!

These Everlane Cigarette jeans were a very quick sale! I paid $2, great sale, don’t you think?

These Orthopedic Dress Shoes were a fast move. Shoes are always an easy sell.

This Tea Set took a little while to sell. They also were taking up shelf space so I accepted an offer for $25 plus ship.

I honestly thought that these shoes would sell for more but it doesn’t always work out that way. I accepted an offer, these had sat for some time. Still made a profit considering these cost me .50.

After I came home from my weekend, I sold four more items! I also made a sale in my Online Boutique!

I will link all of my shops here:

My Boutique

My eBay Store

My Poshmark Closet

Let me know if you like this type of content.

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DIY Tree Branch Blanket Ladder

I love rustic, shabby chic, eclectic home decor. I wanted to make a blanket ladder for our family room and I came up with this idea.

We live on the lake, in the forest and I found these branches one our property.

I cut the sides to five feet and then cut the rungs to 16” and screwed through the sides into each rung end.

The last step was to sand any loose rough areas and coat the ladder in polyurethane. I let it dry overnight.

Here it is in place. It turned out so good!

Perfect rustic decor for a house in the woods.

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Leather Belt Ottoman Diy

I was inspired a few years ago with a chair that I saw in a artsy shop made with leather belts and so I started my own belt collection.

Vintage leather belts are a dime a dozen at a lot of thrift stores. I pick them up when I see them. They don’t have to be in great condition and they don’t need to have buckles for these types of projects, you cut them off anyway.

This was my pile. I went through them and cut off the ends. I used fabric shears.

I picked this foot stool up from Goodwill for $2 and thought it would be the piece for this project. It was already painted this a avocado green with a distressed look to it. I did want to change it. It was perfect!

The only things I did to it was remove the seat, four screws and wash it up.

This is my absolute favorite tool. A Ryobi Airstrike. I don’t think I could have done this project without this. I’m a weakling lol. I used 1-1/4” staples. They went through the thick leather belts like butter!

I separated the short belts from the long belts and went to work. I stapled all the long belts on first, both ends.

Then I started weaving the short belts through the long belts. It was easy until I got to the end. It got pretty snug but I got it. The tooled leather belts are my favorite.

This is what the underneath looked like when it was finished. I put two staples in each belt.

Here it is…I’m not sure how much weight this will hold but it is so sturdy! I’m not sure we’re I’ll put it yet but I tucked it in this corner to get some pictures. I’m in love!

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Removing Paint from Vintage Hardware/Cabinet Handles

Here is a quick tip to remove old paint from old vintage hardware.

Use a crockpot that you don’t plan on using for food. Add hot water and a squirt of dish soap. Place hardware in crockpot. Turn on high for a couple of hours.

Use tongs to remove hardware and place on a towel. Be careful, it’s hot! Don’t let it cool completely, as soon as you can handle it, start peeling off paint.

There may still be some residue left. You can the other back in the hot water for a little while then try again.

Use an extra fine 000 steel wool to buff any remaining paint.

This is an almost 100 year old cabinet that we redid. The hardware was perfect!

Here’s the link where you can see how we refinished this cabinet: Check out the before and after pics: 100 Year Old Cabinet Restore

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100 year Old Antique Cabinet Restore/Refinish Before & After

My husband curb shopped this amazing antique cabinet. He knows I love to restore old furniture and thought I would like this piece…well…I LOVE it! We decided it would be a perfect piece for our mud room. We needed a place to put the things we grab on the way out the door. Hats, scarves, mittens, ponchos, dog leashes etc. It is absolutely perfect for the space.

The first thing we did was remove all the hardware and clean it out. The hardware had previously been painted and I wanted to strip them back to their original brass. It was a lot easier then we thought. Here’s how we did it.

I put hot water and a squirt of dish soap in a crock pot that I will only use for crafting. I don’t recommend using a crock pot for cooking food after doing this. I turned the crockpot on high and put all the hardware inside and let it sit while we worked on the cabinet.

We had a lot of fun working on this project together. Look how rough this cabinet looked!

We knew it would take a lot of work to make this perfect so we decided to make it more of a shabby chic, farmhouse style. We scraped and sanded all the loose paint off. We discovered some interesting things while taking this thing apart.

There were three layers of paint. I had already decided on the paint color before we found out what the original color was. I could not believe how close my paint color was to the original color!

I flipped over a drawer while cleaning it and found this date and initials. We figured this cabinet is almost 100 years old!

I painted the year and my initials next to it. Look how close the paint color is..

The original blue.

The color I already had on hand. Annie Sloan paint is my favorite chalk paint.

After we painted the cabinet, we checked on the hardware. They had been soaking for a couple of hours.

The paint peeled off rather easily. There was a little residue left so we put them back in the water for a bit to soak.

We used very fine steel wool to buff off the remaining paint. We were very happy with how they came out. They look perfect on the cabinet.

We decided we didn’t want this cabinet to be perfect. You can see here that there are some rough looking spots. It’s gives the cabinet a lot of character. The hardware isn’t perfect either and I think they compliment each other very well, just like me and my hubby.

Here is the finished product. The handles are not straight, that’s how the person that built it installed them, we just left it just like it was…I am in love with it. I get very emotionally attached to furniture that I redo. Does anyone else?

Here it is in its place. It fits perfectly. I put contact paper in the drawers to finish it off. It is so sturdy and well made, I’m sure we will get use out of it for many years. We are still in the process of decorating our mud room. This is a great addition.

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eBay Selling Tips

I have been successfully reselling on eBay for 11 years now and I get asked questions all the time about it, so I wanted to share some helpful tips that can help one to get started in this, what can be, lucrative business.

Here’s my store if you want to check me out: Jewellsboutique

Like most businesses, the more you work at it, the better you will do. Throughout the years, I have had lulls here and there, depending on what is happening in life, and as soon as I start putting work back into it, the profits begin to rise.

Whether you are thinking about doing some spring cleaning around the house or you are looking to start a new business venture, these tips will help you as a beginner eBay seller

1. The first thing you need to do is set up an eBay account. eBay is pretty user friendly and they have an app that you can use on your phone. Here is a good place to get started.

I do not recommend subscribing to a store right away. I didn’t have a store until I was a few years into it. Some of the benefits of having a store include, getting more free listings, saving on final fees, boosting traffic, having the ability to put your store on vacation and more. When you get to the point that you are listing a lot of items and you have steady sales then maybe you should consider a store, but it is not necessary to have one.

2. Once you have your account all set you need to decide what you are going to sell. I started with just selling things right from my closet. I remember making sales and then looking for more things around the house to sell. Once I ran out, I started to thrift and resell. This became my passion. I have found so many amazing things over the years that I have sold for a great profit. I also have sold a lot of “bread and butter” items that don’t make a whole lot but they keep your store going, plus, I have found that when you make a sale it may help the algorithm because when I make a sale I usually end up getting more sales immediately following that sale. I have learned to buy unique items, things you can’t just find anywhere, even strange or odd or well known brands. That is what sells best. Don’t just pick what you would buy. Think outside the box…It amazes me what people will buy.. I bought a pair of worn out Nike Tennis Shoes from the 70s for .50 and sold them for $100. I still can’t get over that one!

List as many things as you can! The more listings you have, the more you sell! I try to keep at least a couple hundred items in my store at all times. It takes awhile to get there but once you do, keep it going. Also, list regularly. I try to list at least one item per day. It helps keep you at the top…list, list, list!

3. Listing an item. The best way for me to explain is how I do it. First, I make sure the item is clean and wrinkle free. Who wants to buy a wrinkled, dirty item? Not me. I try to imagine if I was looking at the item to purchase. I sell mostly clothing, it’s my niche. You may sell something different, still, make sure it looks presentable. I use a mannequin, I have an assortment now, but when I started, I just used the hanger the clothes were hanging on. Make sure you have a clean background. Don’t have stuff in the background, think about when you are shopping online. What do you want to see? You want the attention on the item. You can just use a plain wall or do a flat lay on a piece of fabric but make sure it looks pleasing to the eye. Photos are very important! Show the item from various angles. If there are flaws, show them. You don’t want a case opened against you. You want to build great reviews, that’s how you get more sales! You want to present the item as it is. Use great lighting. If you don’t have a light kit, use a window. Make sure photos are clear and bright.

Create an accurate description. This is super important. This is what draws traffic to your listing.

In the title you want to use the 80 characters to describe what the item is. Don’t just say “blue dress”, put the brand, gender, size, color, what it is in the title. Ask your self, if I was googling this item, what would I put in the search bar because that is what everyone is doing.

In the description box add key words that people may search for. Put the measurements there. Disclose all flaws in the description, super important! When I buy things to resell I make sure they are great quality and free of flaws unless they are a rare item. I’m obsessed with getting 5 star reviews!

4. Auction or Fixed Price? I rarely do auction. Only pick auction if you have a rare or highly desirable item, and even then be careful, you may get burnt. I am content with listing my items at a fixed price.

5. Pick the most appropriate category for your item. I sell a ton of vintage items. I always make sure they go in the appropriate vintage category.

6. Offer competitive pricing. Research your item. Look it up on eBay and see what others are pricing theirs at. You can also filter what items like yours have sold for. Someone could be pricing a blue dress for $100 but that doesn’t mean it will sell for $100. Check the “sold” category…it may have sold for $20.

7. Shipping… you can offer free shipping, flat rate shipping or calculated shipping. I do all three depending on what the item is. Generally, if it is less then 1lb, I will offer free shipping. When you offer free shipping, you are responsible for paying. I have been doing this so long that I can estimate what it will cost so I will add a couple of bucks into the price to help equal it out. If you choose flat rate, there are free boxes, both flat rate and regular priority boxes that you can get from the post office. You can get them delivered right to your house from the USPS website. Make sure you use the right box with the right label. You don’t want to use a flat rate label on a regular priority box or it will come back to you. I use flat rate for heavier and will fit in the boxes to save me or the buyer money. If you use calculated shipping, make sure you know what the item plus the package you ship it in weighs. You will need a shipping scale. You can put the info in the listing and depending on where it goes, eBay will calculate the cost for you. You will get a discount when you buy shipping labels from eBay vs. the post office.

8. Once your listing is complete, wait for the sale. If you have done all of the above, you should have no problem making the sale. Sometimes, I go in and if an item hasn’t sold in awhile, I will tweek the listing and adjust the price.

Cha-Ching! If you are using the phone app, you will get a “cha-ching” sound when you make a sell and let me tell you after 11 years it is still as exciting of a sound that it was on day one!

So, what now?

9. Ship your item! Don’t delay, people want their items…First, carefully package your item. Again, think about how you would like to receive an item. Do you want a wrinkled blue dress wadded in a ball and thrown in a bag? I don’t. I choose to fold the item nicely, wrap it in tissue and add a thank you business card. If it’s a hard good item, use bubble wrap to protect it. Make it look nice. You do not have to do this but these little touches will send you repeat customers…Weigh your item. You will need a printer to print your labels. I used a printer for years, it works fine. I now use a Dymo 4XL printer, it saves a ton on ink over the years…worth it!

After you purchase your label, print your label, affix it to your package and drop it off at the Post Office or you can even have the mailman pick it up. USPS wants you to ship the item the same day that you print your label, especially for Priority shipments. Once the item is scanned into the system you and your customer can track it.

10. Payment. When you set up your eBay account, you will set up your payment. eBay pays out daily. Whatever you sold that day gets sent to your checking account. I have a separate account set up just for this so I can keep track. You will have a monthly fee, yes you have to pay eBay for using their services. The fee differs depending what you sell and for how much. The fee will be withdrawn from your checking account, this is why you have to keep track. You can see your fees on the eBay seller hub. Your shipping fees will also be withdrawn. Once you sell a few items you should be able to figure out a system that works for you and it will flow. It’s all completely secure. I’ve done it for years with no issues. If you are planning on selling more then just getting rid of a few items around the house, you will need to think about paying taxes. I am no expert in that area so I won’t give much input but if you are making money you will need to pay taxes. I would recommend doing research in that area for yourself.

Here is a list of items you will need to get started:

  • Merchandise (the obvious)
  • Packing supplies. I buy shipping bags from Amazon, they come in lots of sizes. I use them for clothing. USPS Priority boxes. If your clothing is over 1lb, there is an amazing free envelope you can get from USPS called the Tyvek envelope. I get them delivered in bulk! Holds a lot and waterproof. I also collect various size boxes from things I get shipped to me and the packaging in the boxes, bubble wrap, peanuts, air pillows etc. Be green, reuse, recycle.
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap, tissue paper, packing paper etc.
  • Printer or label maker
  • Shipping Scale

I hope to do a part two to this soon. There is so much more info I can provide but I think this will help you get your start. Happy Selling!!!

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Jewelry Making

I am a person of many interests. I love crafting, photography, blogging, thrifting and reselling, among other things…but I’m always looking for something new to try.

I bought a Cricut a few months ago and I’ve been making leather earrings which are very fun to make and very on trend. But I’ve recently discovered something that I’m possibly addicted too.

Wire Ring making! I’m so hooked! I bought some wire from Michael’s and I took apart a bunch of broken jewelry I’ve been saving and used the beads to wrap up a few rings.

This is a great tip. If you thrift, ask for broken craft Jewelry. They usually have baggies of them and sell them for cheap, I take them apart and I have lots of beads! New Beads aren’t cheap and this a great way to recycle!

Here is some of my bead collection. I use them for lots of things.

I’m only getting started on these rings. When I feel more confident , I’m going to do a blog on how I make them.

I have the ones I have already made for sale here in my Boutique

Great gift ideas!

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Fall Mantle Decor From Thrift Store

I love thrifting and challenged myself to decorate this year with mostly thrift store items.

I started today and found a few trinkets. I decided to use all this on my fireplace at the lake.

The only things not thrifted in this display is the deer. They were gifted to me. everything else was less then $10 total! It’s beginning to look like Fall around here.