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Transitioning to Gray Hair Growing Out Gray Hair

I have been wanting to grow out my gray hair for sometime now. I started turning gray in my early 20’s. I started coloring then. I became a hairdresser 30 years ago and have colored my own hair pretty much the entire time. My hair grows very fast and it is thick! I’m just getting tired of the maintenance…every three weeks. Im 50 now and kind of thought I would make this transition around this age.

When Covid-19 hit, everything shut down and I couldn’t get my haircolor, so I took the opportunity and decided now was as good of time as any to start growing it out. I stopped coloring my hair March 2020.

This was the first photo I took once I made my decision. It’s not the best photo, I had just got out of the hot tub, but it’s the first pic.

Second photo. It’s starting to fade a tiny bit here. I was starting to have second thoughts about here..glad I stuck it out.

I started wearing head wraps and hats, lol.

I decided I needed a few highlights this day to help with the blending. I highlighted it myself because the salons were closed. It helped some.

I started getting brave here and stopped covering it up. I’ve actually started embracing this process at this point.

I called this the calico stage lol. I’ve always liked calico cats, now I remind myself of one haha.

This was three months of new growth. I did a light bleach wash to wash out some of the dark red. Bleach, 40 volume and some shampoo was what I used. I also used olaplex to help protect my strands.

This is four months of new growth. I was getting tired of the contrast and needed to blend the line of demarcation.

I used L’Anza cream decolorizer to lift the red to a tweetie bird yellow. Fun stuff…not lol. Bye bye red.

I then toned with Pulp Riot Silver Toner. Look how well it blended the line. I think I might do this one more time in about a month.

This is five months of not coloring my new growth. I have used a silver toner a couple of times and I use violet tinted shampoo once a week to help keep the brass in check. It is so nice not touching up every three weeks. I can get used to this!

Nine months…no color and I cut off a few inches. I still have a ways to go but I’m loving my new look! Once in a while I use a purple shampoo but that’s it. It’s so freeing!

I also recommend darkening your eyebrows for a younger look. Lighter eyebrows tend to make you look washed out when you have gray hair.

One year and I am still working on growing out the old color. It is about half way from my ends. All I’m doing now is trimming every couple of months and once a week I use a purple shampoo to tone the brass.

I am so happy I decided to do this transition process. I have no regrets!

1-1/2 years later and I just cut off the last of the hair color. I am finally free!

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Vacation Goes Way Too Fast

We’ve been on vacation for a couple of weeks and it’s sadly coming to an end. We’ve spent the time at our house at the lake in Northern Michigan and it has been wonderful.

We have had wonderful weather and enjoyed great outdoors.

At the beginning of our vacation, we took my grandsons to Dinosaur Gardens. There are 20 something life size dinosaurs in this park in northern Michigan. It was a blast!

Most of the time you could find us lounging on the deck or down at the dock. My dog loves to fish in the lake. She would stay in there if I let her.

The evenings are the most beautiful times. So peaceful.

My dollar tree mug that I decorated with my cricut.

Did a little sight seeing. Outlook over Ausable River.

Got some kayaking in.

My Mother’s Day present got lots and lots of use. I got the solar lamps at Aldi. They give a nice ambiance at night.

We also did a lot of hot tubbing until our motor blew up…ugh…hopefully we get it fixed soon.

My sweet girl loves the water. I added this bird bath with solar fountain to my butterfly garden. It’s simple to install and makes a soothing noise. Here’s the one I got on Amazon:

I picked this Tea cup and saucer up at the local thrift. Made a bird feeder. I can’t go too long without gluing or painting something.

Relaxing with my best girl

I took a ton of hummingbird photos. I’m a beginner photographer. I found this very challenging. I will keep practicing. I’m thinking about taking a photography class…

We had family and friends visit us. Good times…good times. The guys caught a few fish.

Snuck in a few snuggles.

Also got to do some driving around on the old dusty dirt roads in my Jeep.

Jeep hair don’t care… haha, my Saphira loves it (so do I)

The line to get in the small local thrift. Ten people allowed in the store at a time due to COVID-19. I was so excited about getting back to the thrift stores. I found a few cool vintage items to add to my Etsy shop. I’ll be adding items when I get back home. Here’s my shop if you want to check it out:

I found this adorable guy today at the thrift. He will bring me a great profit according to ebay, that is if I can part with him…

You can find him here:

We will be heading home in a couple of days and I will get back to crafting. cooking and blogging. It’s been a nice break, I’m refreshed. Until next time…

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Homemade Fire Starters Bonfire Campfire

Memorial weekend has just passed and everyone is getting ready for summertime activities. We have a place on the lake and we love to have bonfires, especially when there’s s’mores involved! I like to make my own fire starters. They are so easy, economical and they work great. Here is how I make them..

Supply List:

  • Paper egg cartons
  • Candle wax
  • Natural burnable materials

First, tear the lid off of the carton

I buy candles from thrift stores for the wax. You can buy already burned ones, it doesn’t matter. Sure, you can buy wax that’s already shaved but it can get costly. I cut the candle up into chunks with a knife.

Put them in a small pot and melt on low heat on the stove. I designate a pot just for this purpose because some wax is harder to clean up.

It doesn’t take long to melt so stay close to the stove.

I like to crunch up pine cones, tiny branches or pine needles and place them in the carton. I have also used crushed corncob to mix in with the wax, it works good too. Once the wax is melted, I carefully pour it into the carton.

Let the wax cool and harden back up.

They are pretty easy to tear apart. Store them in a container and when ready to use, light the carton with a lighter and it will quickly start your next bonfire.

This is also a great gift idea for someone going on a camping trip or someone buying a vacation cottage!

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Lake House Boardwalk Dock Landscape

We have had so much rain and our lake water is so high! We got a new dock and I was looking at the old dock and suggested to my hubby that we make a boardwalk over the beach area that is covered with water out of the old dock. It turned out great! Here are some pictures.

These first pictures show how high the water is. It is up to the second step and there is a sandy beach under there as well! You couldn’t step on the dock without wading through water first.

He started by putting the first section down, which was fairly easy, the second section was more challenging. He pulled up the third step and laid the dock down and used the blocks to support the dock.

It took some time to level it.

We left the steps under the water to step up on the dock.

My Saphira had fun fishing while he worked.

All finished. Now we have a boardwalk to step on if we don’t want to get wet while using the dock for fishing. We also have another nice shady area to relax.

Admiring his hard work.

We had one more piece of dock left. He put if up a little higher. I thought it might be nice to put a hammock stand on with a little path to walk down to. Maybe next project..

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Hummingbird Pictures Beginner Photography Canon 6D

I’m on vacation right now and I love taking pictures. I’ve been practicing taking pictures of hummingbirds and boy is it challenging! I have a canon 6D and I still have a lot to learn, but it sure is fun!

Here are a few pictures of hummingbirds I caught. I have spent hours and only got a few that care out really good. I love hummingbirds and these are getting used to me standing around, it’s pretty cool!

I used a shutter speed of 1/4000. I used a flash on some and no flash on others.

These aren’t perfect but for a beginner, I’m pretty happy. I’ll keep practicing.

If anyone has any tips on camera settings for hummers, leave me a comment.

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Queen Anne Highboy Dresser Makeover Restoration

I am so in love with this new (vintage 1976) furniture I got for my master bedroom at the lake!

I got a Queen Anne Highboy and a nightstand. I got these beautiful pieces for FREE a friend was giving them away. I knew the second I saw it, I wanted it. I’m now on the hunt for another similar nightstand to redo.

This is what it looked like before. Very pretty but didn’t go with my lake decor. I went with Annie Sloan Napoleonic Blue and her Dark Wax.

This was by far the most challenging piece of furniture I have done! It was a lot of work but worth it!

This is the paint only, before the dark wax was applied. So bright, I know! But I had a vision. This paint is amazing. It covers well, no sanding needed! I just used Awesome Cleaner to wipe off any residue, that’s it. I painted two coats of blue then applied the dark wax.

This was after the wax was applied but before buffing.

This is after buffing.

All finished!

Here’s the nightstand.

The tools I used:

These brushes. The big brush is a chalk paint brush. I used it mostly. The others were for small detail areas.

Awesome cleaner from dollar store…it’s well, awesome!

I wore a mask while using the Awesome. It has a strong odor.

The paint and wax I used. I used a soft cloth to buff the wax.

Here’s the link for the nightstand makeover:

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Dollar Tree Rope Bowl Craft DIY

Have you ever tried a project that you seen online and it looked really good and you tried it and didn’t work out for you like it did for them? Well this is one of those projects. It was a fail at first but I made it work.

I seen this rope bowl craft on Pinterest and thought it was a perfect decorative bowl for our lake house. It has a rustic, nautical look to it. I had some rope from dollar tree on hand and thought, “why not”?


First, You take a bowl the size you want and tip it upside down.


Next, Cover it with plastic wrap.


Then, cover the plastic wrap with wood glue.


Start wrapping the rope tightly around the bowl. I used Dollar Tree rope, two packs covered this bowl perfectly.


Keep going until the entire bowl is covered, then let dry completely. I was getting so excited about how this was going to turn out!


It looks great here, but after I let it dry and flipped it over, removed the bowl and plastic wrap, there were places that didn’t get glued and were coming apart. I was bummed but it didn’t stop me!

I fixed it by filling in the gaps on the inside of the bowl with glue and then I sat a book on top and let it dry and that worked! I wouldn’t use this for carrying things around but it is a cute decorative bowl to display. I really like it and I will use it in my home for decor.

Things don’t always turn out like they make them look online but if you work at it, you can usually figure out a way to make it work.


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Skin Cancer Warning Wear Sunblock

This is not topic related to my blog but it is something I like to share this time every year.

This is me. Two years ago I went to my dermatologist for a skin tag removal under my arm that was just annoying. While I was there, I asked the doctor about a tiny little pink “pimple” on my face that had been there for a few months. She did a biopsy and it came back cancer. Thankfully it was not melanoma. It was Basal Cell which can continue to grow and become disfiguring. It was small on the outside but deep under my skin. If you have any places on your skin that is unusual and won’t go away, get it checked out. Take it from me, get annual screenings, wear sunblock and a hat.

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Garden Bathtub Renovation DIY Master Bathroom Makeover

This is a before and after renovation project we did to our lake house master bathroom. We like to do our own labor which saves tons of money! We did this project for under $500! It was a weekend project. It went really well until the very end… you’ll see.

This was before…It was dated and dreary looking. The color on the walls was a bubblegum pink. The wainscoting around the tub was worn and dark. The tile on the tub ledge was ok but the grout was crumbling. The square tiles on the wall, dated. I want a spa like atmosphere. Bright and clean! My theme for the whole Master Suite is “Retreat.” A place where we can relax.

This was the view when you walked into the bathroom. There is no windows and it was so dark.

We painted the walls a light linen color. That in itself made a huge difference! We also changed the hardware on the cabinets. They are a modern looking brushed chrome finish. I also have a gorgeous giant painting on the wall of sailboats, I can’t believe I don’t have a picture of it, I’ll update later.

My hubby removed the wall tiles and installed a neural stacked tile. We are on a lake so I wanted lake related colors. Sand, water, stone, that sort of color scheme.

We decided the tile on the ledge of the tub went good with the wall tile so we kept it. He chiseled out the old grout and replaced it with new. I painted the wainscoting the same as the walls. I think it flows better.

Saphira approves as well. She’s my sweetie Wheaten Terrier, love her!

And this is where it went bad! We decided to keep the faucet because it would be too much work to take it out and put a new one in. The faucet is very classic and great quality, it just had brass trim. I wanted all chrome. So…..I bought a bottle of chrome paint, like the model car paints, and painted the brass to chrome. Well…I am a klutz by nature and I knocked it right into the tub! It immediately flowed everywhere! How could such a tiny bottle of pain make such a big mess? My reflex reaction was to wipe it…well it got worse. My hubby was installing the new light fixture and calmly said “Don’t move, I’ll be back” He ran to the local hardware to buy mineral spirits. I stayed in the tub lol. I had paint on my hands and feet and couldn’t get out or the situation would have been way worse! Long story short, he was able to get it all cleaned out and it was like it never happened. We were so relieved! By the way, the chrome paint over the brass came out really well. It saved us a couple hundred dollars and the hard work of replacing the faucet.

This was after the cleanup.

We also added a LED light fixture. Here’s a picture from Home Depot. It’s gorgeous and bright.

They only thing we have left to do is change out the shower door. No, I’m not painting it lol! We want a frameless shower door.

This makeover made a huge difference. The bathroom is so much brighter and a more relaxing place to be. I have decor in place now. When I get back up there I will take some shots and put them on here.

Remodeling can be done on a small budget you just have to be willing to put in the hard work. Thanks for stopping by!

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Vintage Queen Ann End Table Makeover Chalk Paint Furniture Restoration

I spent the day painting this beautiful vintage Queen Ann side table. It came out way better then I expected! This piece is going in our Master Bedroom at the lake. I got this piece and a matching Highboy Chest from a friend. I’ll be painting the Highboy next.

This was how it looked when I got it. I removed the hardware and cleaned them and spray painted them black. I cleaned the entire piece with Awesome Cleaner. Most dollar stores carry it.

I recommend wearing a mask while cleaning with awesome. It is strong. This is a homemade medical mask I made for protection from corona virus. It worked well for blocking the fumes.

Next I started painting..I used Annie Sloan Paint. It is the best chalk paint I have ever used! I wanted a Navy Blue to go with my bedroom color scheme. I researched and decided on Napoleonic Blue and Dark Wax.

This combo created an amazing color! I’m literally obsessed with it!

This is the color, two coats with no wax. Too bright for me. Once paint dried, i lightly sanded with 400 grit sandpaper just to smooth a bit. Then I brushed on clear wax with a wax brush. Then before it dried, I brushed on the dark wax. I really worked it into the wood. Also, I noticed that one of the handles was missing, bottom drawer center. Instead of replacing all of the hardware, I filled the holes with a dowel rod, glued on and painted over. You can only tell if you are looking for it.

Here is a video of how I applied the paint and wax.

This color is exactly what I wanted!! In the above pic, the wax still needs to be buffed. I have to wait 24 hours. I’ll update with the finished picture then. When you buff it, you create a shine. I will be painting my highboy the same color. I can’t wait to get it to the lake!!