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Removable Wallpaper Shabby Chic Decor

I have blogged about my Shabby Chic guest bedroom before, I’ll link it below, and I just finished a new quick project in that room and thought I’d share it. I wanted a wallpaper accent wall but didn’t want the hard work that comes along with installing it, plus I wanted something that would be easy to remove if I decided to change it.

I used contact paper! The kind that you line drawers and cabinets with. I found a print that I liked, this purple floral has a vintage look to it, it’s perfect!

I just measured the wall, ceiling to molding and cut it to size. There is a grid on the back so you can make sure you’re cutting straight. Then I peeled and stuck! I found it easiest to peel back a small amount, start it at the top and unroll and peel the backing at the same time.

It was very forgiving to work with. I had to remove it in spots and reposition. It worked great! Here is a close up. It’s so cute!

Now, if I get tired of it, I can just peel it off, easy peasy!

This would be a great project for a kids room, they are ever changing, or for a rental residence. I was able to do this wall in under two hours. No messy glues and it’s not permanent!

Shabby Chic Guest Bedroom

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DIY Tree Branch Blanket Ladder

I love rustic, shabby chic, eclectic home decor. I wanted to make a blanket ladder for our family room and I came up with this idea.

We live on the lake, in the forest and I found these branches one our property.

I cut the sides to five feet and then cut the rungs to 16” and screwed through the sides into each rung end.

The last step was to sand any loose rough areas and coat the ladder in polyurethane. I let it dry overnight.

Here it is in place. It turned out so good!

Perfect rustic decor for a house in the woods.

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Removing Paint from Vintage Hardware/Cabinet Handles

Here is a quick tip to remove old paint from old vintage hardware.

Use a crockpot that you don’t plan on using for food. Add hot water and a squirt of dish soap. Place hardware in crockpot. Turn on high for a couple of hours.

Use tongs to remove hardware and place on a towel. Be careful, it’s hot! Don’t let it cool completely, as soon as you can handle it, start peeling off paint.

There may still be some residue left. You can the other back in the hot water for a little while then try again.

Use an extra fine 000 steel wool to buff any remaining paint.

This is an almost 100 year old cabinet that we redid. The hardware was perfect!

Here’s the link where you can see how we refinished this cabinet: Check out the before and after pics: 100 Year Old Cabinet Restore

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100 year Old Antique Cabinet Restore/Refinish Before & After

My husband curb shopped this amazing antique cabinet. He knows I love to restore old furniture and thought I would like this piece…well…I LOVE it! We decided it would be a perfect piece for our mud room. We needed a place to put the things we grab on the way out the door. Hats, scarves, mittens, ponchos, dog leashes etc. It is absolutely perfect for the space.

The first thing we did was remove all the hardware and clean it out. The hardware had previously been painted and I wanted to strip them back to their original brass. It was a lot easier then we thought. Here’s how we did it.

I put hot water and a squirt of dish soap in a crock pot that I will only use for crafting. I don’t recommend using a crock pot for cooking food after doing this. I turned the crockpot on high and put all the hardware inside and let it sit while we worked on the cabinet.

We had a lot of fun working on this project together. Look how rough this cabinet looked!

We knew it would take a lot of work to make this perfect so we decided to make it more of a shabby chic, farmhouse style. We scraped and sanded all the loose paint off. We discovered some interesting things while taking this thing apart.

There were three layers of paint. I had already decided on the paint color before we found out what the original color was. I could not believe how close my paint color was to the original color!

I flipped over a drawer while cleaning it and found this date and initials. We figured this cabinet is almost 100 years old!

I painted the year and my initials next to it. Look how close the paint color is..

The original blue.

The color I already had on hand. Annie Sloan paint is my favorite chalk paint.

After we painted the cabinet, we checked on the hardware. They had been soaking for a couple of hours.

The paint peeled off rather easily. There was a little residue left so we put them back in the water for a bit to soak.

We used very fine steel wool to buff off the remaining paint. We were very happy with how they came out. They look perfect on the cabinet.

We decided we didn’t want this cabinet to be perfect. You can see here that there are some rough looking spots. It’s gives the cabinet a lot of character. The hardware isn’t perfect either and I think they compliment each other very well, just like me and my hubby.

Here is the finished product. The handles are not straight, that’s how the person that built it installed them, we just left it just like it was…I am in love with it. I get very emotionally attached to furniture that I redo. Does anyone else?

Here it is in its place. It fits perfectly. I put contact paper in the drawers to finish it off. It is so sturdy and well made, I’m sure we will get use out of it for many years. We are still in the process of decorating our mud room. This is a great addition.

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Shabby Chic Chandelier For Guest Bedroom Thrift Store Find

I have been decorating my guest bedroom at the lake with Shabby Chic decor. I’ve always wanted a shabby chic room and I am having so much fun with this one. I wrote another blog about the different pieces I have added. I’ll link it here:

I found the perfect chandelier for the bedroom! It was $2! It was missing a few of the teardrop crystals, no biggie, I found replacements on eBay. I added them and gave the chandelier a good cleaning.

This is when I brought it home. It was a hot mess, but I saw the potential.

My husband had to re-wire it. The original wire was cloth and brittle . We dated it back to the 50s to early 60s. It’s an antique, even the bulbs are old. The brass plate that attaches to the ceiling didn’t come with it, my husband found it in a thrift store but it looks like it was made for the chandelier.

I love it so much! It adds such character to the room.

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Cricut Welcome Sign Made With Old Weathered Wood

I was walking my dog the other day and someone had thrown out this old board. I looked at it and immediately knew I wanted to make something from it. I walked on past planning on picking it up on the way back then quickly decided to turn around and get it, thinking someone else might grab it before me.

I’m often found doing that, walking down the street with something in my hands I’ve curb shopped. I could tell you of a few treasures I have found that way…

This piece was so cool though. It is perfectly weathered. It is also perfectly sized for a porch sign. I decided the best place for it was at the lake.

I didn’t take step by step pictures this time, I think because I was so excited to get it done, but here is my before and after.

I used light gray chalk paint and lightly brushed it on the wood here and there just to make it a little more interesting.

I made stencils on my cricut and taped them to the wood. I used black oil based paint to paint the letters. Since we are in the woods, I made a deer stencil for the “O” in welcome.

Then I just wrapped some rope around the top from dollar tree.

It looks old and rustic! I was thinking I might flip it around and paint something on the other side “LAKE LIFE” perhaps and flip it around once in awhile.

I’m always on the lookout for pieces like this and I’m so happy when I come across them.

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Lake House Boardwalk Dock Landscape

We have had so much rain and our lake water is so high! We got a new dock and I was looking at the old dock and suggested to my hubby that we make a boardwalk over the beach area that is covered with water out of the old dock. It turned out great! Here are some pictures.

These first pictures show how high the water is. It is up to the second step and there is a sandy beach under there as well! You couldn’t step on the dock without wading through water first.

He started by putting the first section down, which was fairly easy, the second section was more challenging. He pulled up the third step and laid the dock down and used the blocks to support the dock.

It took some time to level it.

We left the steps under the water to step up on the dock.

My Saphira had fun fishing while he worked.

All finished. Now we have a boardwalk to step on if we don’t want to get wet while using the dock for fishing. We also have another nice shady area to relax.

Admiring his hard work.

We had one more piece of dock left. He put if up a little higher. I thought it might be nice to put a hammock stand on with a little path to walk down to. Maybe next project..

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Queen Anne Highboy Dresser Makeover Restoration

I am so in love with this new (vintage 1976) furniture I got for my master bedroom at the lake!

I got a Queen Anne Highboy and a nightstand. I got these beautiful pieces for FREE a friend was giving them away. I knew the second I saw it, I wanted it. I’m now on the hunt for another similar nightstand to redo.

This is what it looked like before. Very pretty but didn’t go with my lake decor. I went with Annie Sloan Napoleonic Blue and her Dark Wax.

This was by far the most challenging piece of furniture I have done! It was a lot of work but worth it!

This is the paint only, before the dark wax was applied. So bright, I know! But I had a vision. This paint is amazing. It covers well, no sanding needed! I just used Awesome Cleaner to wipe off any residue, that’s it. I painted two coats of blue then applied the dark wax.

This was after the wax was applied but before buffing.

This is after buffing.

All finished!

Here’s the nightstand.

The tools I used:

These brushes. The big brush is a chalk paint brush. I used it mostly. The others were for small detail areas.

Awesome cleaner from dollar store…it’s well, awesome!

I wore a mask while using the Awesome. It has a strong odor.

The paint and wax I used. I used a soft cloth to buff the wax.

Here’s the link for the nightstand makeover:

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Dollar Tree Rope Bowl Craft DIY

Have you ever tried a project that you seen online and it looked really good and you tried it and didn’t work out for you like it did for them? Well this is one of those projects. It was a fail at first but I made it work.

I seen this rope bowl craft on Pinterest and thought it was a perfect decorative bowl for our lake house. It has a rustic, nautical look to it. I had some rope from dollar tree on hand and thought, “why not”?


First, You take a bowl the size you want and tip it upside down.


Next, Cover it with plastic wrap.


Then, cover the plastic wrap with wood glue.


Start wrapping the rope tightly around the bowl. I used Dollar Tree rope, two packs covered this bowl perfectly.


Keep going until the entire bowl is covered, then let dry completely. I was getting so excited about how this was going to turn out!


It looks great here, but after I let it dry and flipped it over, removed the bowl and plastic wrap, there were places that didn’t get glued and were coming apart. I was bummed but it didn’t stop me!

I fixed it by filling in the gaps on the inside of the bowl with glue and then I sat a book on top and let it dry and that worked! I wouldn’t use this for carrying things around but it is a cute decorative bowl to display. I really like it and I will use it in my home for decor.

Things don’t always turn out like they make them look online but if you work at it, you can usually figure out a way to make it work.


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Garden Bathtub Renovation DIY Master Bathroom Makeover

This is a before and after renovation project we did to our lake house master bathroom. We like to do our own labor which saves tons of money! We did this project for under $500! It was a weekend project. It went really well until the very end… you’ll see.

This was before…It was dated and dreary looking. The color on the walls was a bubblegum pink. The wainscoting around the tub was worn and dark. The tile on the tub ledge was ok but the grout was crumbling. The square tiles on the wall, dated. I want a spa like atmosphere. Bright and clean! My theme for the whole Master Suite is “Retreat.” A place where we can relax.

This was the view when you walked into the bathroom. There is no windows and it was so dark.

We painted the walls a light linen color. That in itself made a huge difference! We also changed the hardware on the cabinets. They are a modern looking brushed chrome finish. I also have a gorgeous giant painting on the wall of sailboats, I can’t believe I don’t have a picture of it, I’ll update later.

My hubby removed the wall tiles and installed a neural stacked tile. We are on a lake so I wanted lake related colors. Sand, water, stone, that sort of color scheme.

We decided the tile on the ledge of the tub went good with the wall tile so we kept it. He chiseled out the old grout and replaced it with new. I painted the wainscoting the same as the walls. I think it flows better.

Saphira approves as well. She’s my sweetie Wheaten Terrier, love her!

And this is where it went bad! We decided to keep the faucet because it would be too much work to take it out and put a new one in. The faucet is very classic and great quality, it just had brass trim. I wanted all chrome. So…..I bought a bottle of chrome paint, like the model car paints, and painted the brass to chrome. Well…I am a klutz by nature and I knocked it right into the tub! It immediately flowed everywhere! How could such a tiny bottle of pain make such a big mess? My reflex reaction was to wipe it…well it got worse. My hubby was installing the new light fixture and calmly said “Don’t move, I’ll be back” He ran to the local hardware to buy mineral spirits. I stayed in the tub lol. I had paint on my hands and feet and couldn’t get out or the situation would have been way worse! Long story short, he was able to get it all cleaned out and it was like it never happened. We were so relieved! By the way, the chrome paint over the brass came out really well. It saved us a couple hundred dollars and the hard work of replacing the faucet.

This was after the cleanup.

We also added a LED light fixture. Here’s a picture from Home Depot. It’s gorgeous and bright.

They only thing we have left to do is change out the shower door. No, I’m not painting it lol! We want a frameless shower door.

This makeover made a huge difference. The bathroom is so much brighter and a more relaxing place to be. I have decor in place now. When I get back up there I will take some shots and put them on here.

Remodeling can be done on a small budget you just have to be willing to put in the hard work. Thanks for stopping by!