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Gardening: Large Planter Tip

I have a use for empty pop cans or empty water bottles work great too! We just have an excessive amount of carbonated water cans right now due to covid-19 and the inability to return cans right now.

I bought these giant planter pots for the deck and I don’t like filling them all the way up with dirt. Number one, they are too heavy to move around and number two, you don’t need all that dirt for flowers.

Fill the pot half way up with cans or bottles and then top off with soil, then plant your flowers!

It’s very green…recycling, it’s a money saver and a back saver!

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Galvanized Clothing Rack Clothing Storage Solutions

I have my own online clothing boutique. I also sell clothing on Poshmark. I’ll link my websites here in case you want to check them out.

My Boutique:

My Poshmark:

Being organized is key when running an online store from home. I have a TON of inventory! My basement is my home office. I needed clothing racks!

I was shopping online for clothing racks and couldn’t believe the prices! I needed something sturdy so I showed my hubby some ideas from Pinterest and this is what he came up with.

He built me three of these! They are made from galvanized plumbers pipe and let me tell you, you could do chin ups on these things!

He measured and drew up some plans then we went to Home Depot. We went to the plumbing department and an employee cut all the different size pipes that we needed for FREE! All we had to do was go home and screw them all together.

Maybe I can get my husband to list the dimensions for me and I will add them on here.

These are some different angles.

These hold a lot of clothes. I have some really nice clear dust covers I found on Amazon to put over the clothes.

These would also be great in a laundry room or in a room with no closet. And they will not break under all the weight. our total cost for one rack was around $70.

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Clean Stainless Steel Pots and Pans DIY Money Saving Tip

Stainless steel cookware is awesome. It’s durable and last for years. You can find it a lot of times in thrift stores but usually they look very undesirable.

Don’t throw out or donate those pans! I want to share my tip on how I clean my stainless steel.

This was my skillet this morning. Butter and oil can cause this unsightly brown residue, but with a little elbow grease and my friend, you can make it good as new.

No I’m not a bar keeper but this is my friend. I use it a lot around the kitchen.

Just sprinkle the powder onto your surface .

Use a damp cloth to scrub.

Rinse and dry and you have a beautiful, shiny, polished pan! I even use it on my stainless kitchen sink.


Same sure to scrub with the grain.


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Organize A Small Deep Chest Freezer

We have a small deep chest freezer. I really wish I would have thought it through better and bought an upright…but this is what I have so I came up with a solution to see everything that’s inside. It takes a little shuffling but it works so much better then this…

Here everything is in a pile. It was so hard to see what I had at the bottom. I would dig through and not find what I was looking for and my hands would get cold and I would give up and run to the store to get it.

I picked up three of these deep baskets from Dollar Tree and went to work. I pulled everything out and found things I thought I didn’t have, who knew?

I organized different types of meat in each basket.

I stacked the baskets on top of each other

And boom…took care of my problem for $3! Now all I have to do is pull out the baskets to see what I have, use up what I have and save money.

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Storing Workout Equipment in a Small Space

I don’t have a gym membership, I am too thrifty. I would rather work out at home. Walking is my favorite activity but I am working on getting into get in a stretching routine. I have a bunch of bands and yoga equiptment and I needed a place to store it all. I had them stacked in my basement and every time I passed it I would make a mental note, “I need to find a place for all that!” Well in my quarantine boredom, I came up with a solution.


I Have this entry table in my living room where I have baskets stored underneath. I like working out in my living room, my office is in my basement and I spend a lot of time there and I just don’t like working out down there. I was looking around and thought’ “The Baskets!”

I was able to fit all bulky items perfectly inside the tall basket. I just sat a couple of pillows on top to disguise them.

My bands and smaller items fit in the small basket with a little room to spare.

Now everything is easily accessible and you wouldn’t even know it was all there! Now I have no excuse..