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What Sold on eBay

I am a full-time reseller. I sell on eBay and Poshmark. I find most of my goods at thrift stores and garage sales. I do buy new wholesale items to resell also, but I just really enjoy thrifting!

I would like to add a “What Sold” category to my blog because I have so many asking about my business.

I was on vacation over Memorial Weekend so this was actually a slow weekend because I wasn’t very active in my stores. But I still made some sales.

The first thing I sold was this Red Denim Hot topic Skirt. I had it listed for $24 and received an offer for $20. That was a good offer so I took it.

I don’t always buy big name brand items. I pick an item because of style. This is a Casual Corner tunic that caught my eye so I grabbed it. I paid .25 so I figured $14 was a great profit for this quick sale!

Vintage Levi’s are so easy to sell and so hot right now so I always pick them up. I sold these Levi’s within a couple of days of listing them. Made a great profit too!

These Everlane Cigarette jeans were a very quick sale! I paid $2, great sale, don’t you think?

These Orthopedic Dress Shoes were a fast move. Shoes are always an easy sell.

This Tea Set took a little while to sell. They also were taking up shelf space so I accepted an offer for $25 plus ship.

I honestly thought that these shoes would sell for more but it doesn’t always work out that way. I accepted an offer, these had sat for some time. Still made a profit considering these cost me .50.

After I came home from my weekend, I sold four more items! I also made a sale in my Online Boutique!

I will link all of my shops here:

My Boutique

My eBay Store

My Poshmark Closet

Let me know if you like this type of content.

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DIY Tree Branch Blanket Ladder

I love rustic, shabby chic, eclectic home decor. I wanted to make a blanket ladder for our family room and I came up with this idea.

We live on the lake, in the forest and I found these branches one our property.

I cut the sides to five feet and then cut the rungs to 16” and screwed through the sides into each rung end.

The last step was to sand any loose rough areas and coat the ladder in polyurethane. I let it dry overnight.

Here it is in place. It turned out so good!

Perfect rustic decor for a house in the woods.

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Leather Belt Ottoman Diy

I was inspired a few years ago with a chair that I saw in a artsy shop made with leather belts and so I started my own belt collection.

Vintage leather belts are a dime a dozen at a lot of thrift stores. I pick them up when I see them. They don’t have to be in great condition and they don’t need to have buckles for these types of projects, you cut them off anyway.

This was my pile. I went through them and cut off the ends. I used fabric shears.

I picked this foot stool up from Goodwill for $2 and thought it would be the piece for this project. It was already painted this a avocado green with a distressed look to it. I did want to change it. It was perfect!

The only things I did to it was remove the seat, four screws and wash it up.

This is my absolute favorite tool. A Ryobi Airstrike. I don’t think I could have done this project without this. I’m a weakling lol. I used 1-1/4” staples. They went through the thick leather belts like butter!

I separated the short belts from the long belts and went to work. I stapled all the long belts on first, both ends.

Then I started weaving the short belts through the long belts. It was easy until I got to the end. It got pretty snug but I got it. The tooled leather belts are my favorite.

This is what the underneath looked like when it was finished. I put two staples in each belt.

Here it is…I’m not sure how much weight this will hold but it is so sturdy! I’m not sure we’re I’ll put it yet but I tucked it in this corner to get some pictures. I’m in love!

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Quick Easy Instant Pot Rotisserie Chicken Bone Broth

Here is a recipe I make with the leftover carcass from a rotisserie chicken for bone broth.


  • Rotisserie chicken leftover carcass
  • 1/2 cup diced onions
  • 1/2 cup diced carrots
  • 1/2 cup diced celery
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 T Italian seasoning
  • Pepper
  • 1 T chicken broth base
  • 8 cups water
  • Oil

Sauté veggies in oil on the sauté setting until tender.

Add seasonings.

I like to put one tbsp of this chicken broth base for extra flavor. I found this at Walmart.

Next, add the whole carcass into the pot and eight cups of water.

Set instant pot time on manual for 8 minutes and natural release. After pressure has released, use tongs to remove the bones from the pot. Next use a milk bag to strain the broth into a large bowl.

Once cool, pour into a large airtight jar and store in the refrigerator. Just warm a mug full at a time. This is so tasty and very healthy to sip on everyday.

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Fried Cabbage & Bacon Low Carb Side Dish

I’m always looking for new ideas for side dishes. Today I decided to try fried cabbage and bacon. We are grilling steaks and I wanted something different to go along side.

Here’s what I used:

  • 5 slices of bacon
  • 1/2 yellow onion
  • 1 tsp garlic
  • 1/2 head chopped cabbage
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Paprika

There’s just two of us so you could adjust the amounts as needed. I fried five pieces of bacon up and removed them until later.

I used half of a yellow onion, sliced and a tsp of garlic, I added them to the bacon grease and caramelized them.

I chopped up half of a head of cabbage and put it in with the onions and garlic. I added some salt and pepper and a tablespoon of smoked paprika.

I felt I didn’t have enough bacon grease so I added a drizzle of olive oil, added the bacon back that I chopped, stirred everything together and placed a lid on top to let the cabbage cook down and soften.

This was so delicious! I’ll definitely make it again!

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Dehydrated Frozen Vegetables DIY

I am interested in making those layered, meal in a mason jar soups to store in my pantry. I have been looking at some different recipes and the dehydrated veggies you can buy are expensive, so I decided to try making some myself.

I bought some organic frozen mixed veggies from Aldi and let them thaw out.

When I went to put them in the dehydrator, I discovered I only had one of the mesh sheets that keep tiny foods from falling through, so I was only able to do one layer at a time. I ordered more on Amazon for when I do this again. And I will. It’s so easy.

I set the dehydrator for two hours on 145. I had to start it up again because they needed more time. I just checked on them every half hour or so. It took 4-5 hours.

This is after I poured them out of the dehydrator. They looked so vibrant!

I’ve never done this before, but I have read your supposed to put them in an airtight jar and shake them once a day for seven days to make sure there’s no more moisture in them. If there is, you will need to dehydrate some more. Then you can seal them in a long term airtight jar.

I plan on layering these in some jars with other ingredients for meals and store them in my pantry.

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Homemade Almond Butter

I love almond butter and I make my own. I had some store bought not too long ago and it just wasn’t as good to me anymore.

Homemade is so fresh tasting and it is not hard to make, it just takes a powerful blender and some patience.

Here is how I make it.

I use raw, unsalted almonds. It is important to roast your almonds. I have tried them not roasted and they do not produce enough oil so you end up adding a lot of oil. Roasting them brings out the oils and makes the almond butter more tasty.

I use my air fryer to roast mine. I roast them for about 6 minutes at 325. If you use a regular oven you will need to double that time. This is two cups of almonds.

After roasting, let cool then dump into a blender. I just bought an instant pot blender. This thing makes soup, which I have yet to try, but I’m super excited!

Blend on high. When you first start blending the almonds will be dry and powdery. Just keep going.

After a couple of minutes it will start to get creamy. At this point you can add honey, maple syrup vanilla or whatever you like. I prefer mine plain. I add a pinch of sea salt and a drizzle of avocado oil. I will open the lid a few times and scrape down the sides.

Here is my almond butter! I just jar it and place it in the fridge. It’s good 2-3 months in the fridge, but I’ve never made it that far. I make some every week or so.

I like my almond butter a little gritty. If you like a smoother texture you may need to add more oil and blend longer.

My favorite way to enjoy almond butter is on toasted sprouted bread. It goes perfect with a cu of coffee in the morning!

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I Canned Chicken In My Instant Pot Max

I have canned for years, but I’ve always canned foods that you could water bath can. If it involved a pressure cooker I was not interested. I guess I’ve always felt leery of using one.

Well, I’ve been using my Instant Pot for sometime now, I’m very comfortable with it and I ended up recently purchasing an Instant Pot Max that has a canning setting and I thought, why not?

You shouldn’t pressure can in a regular instant pot you can only water bath can, you can’t watch the temperatures on a regular instant pot. You should only use the Max for pressure canning. Pressure canned foods need to maintain a certain temp for a certain time to kill spores, and you can monitor it on the Max

Here is a step by step on how I canned chicken breast:

I started with sterilizing my jars. You only have room to can four pint jars in the Max at one time.

To sterilize, I placed the jars into the instant pot on top of the metal rack. I poured water in around the jars to cover about 1/4th of the way up the jars.

I set the instant pot on canning for 10 minutes on low pressure and natural release. This sanitized the jars. Meanwhile, I simmered the lids and rings on the stove.

Once the jars were sterile, I removed them with a canning jar lifter and set them on a towel and let them cool down.

Once cooled, I packed fresh, raw chicken into the jars. I only packed chicken, no liquid, no seasoning, the meat makes its own juice as it cooks.

I wiped the tops of the jars with a clean cloth, then placed the lids and rings on. (Don’t crank down on the rings.)

Time to can. I placed the filled jars onto the rack in the instant pot max and made sure the water level was 1/4 way up the jars.

I noticed after I took this picture that my temperature setting was on Celsius. I’d set it to Fahrenheit afterwards. Press the canning setting, max pressure, no vent, natural release, and time needs to be 75 minutes or 1 hour and 15 minutes. I hit start and let it do it’s thing.

Once the Max had naturally released, We removed the hot jars and place on a towel and let cool. The lids popped as soon as we removed them.

They turned out so nice! Look at all the natural juice that each jar made. I could use this in some chicken chili or noodle soup, or even in a casserole dish.

I’ve been wanting to try this and now I’m going to try some different foods. It was very easy and rewarding.

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Instant Pot Turkey Stock from Carcass

Today I made Turkey Breast. We made the most delicious Turkey club sandwiches with it. I decided to make some stock with the carcass. I tried making it in the instant pot for the first time, it was so fast and easy and I didn’t have to babysit a simmering pot on the stove.

I just put in the carcass and added, carrots, onions, celery, crushed garlic, a bay leaf, parsley, thyme and 10 cups of water. I set the instant pot to 30 minutes and let it naturally release.

After all the steam released, I opened the lid and unplugged the pot and let the stock cool.

I poured the stock through a strainer. I decided to freeze the stock because I wasn’t planning on using it right away.

I wanted to vacuum seal it so this was my method.

I poured the stock into small containers and froze them into cubes.

Once frozen, I was able to seal them in bags. Whenever I need some broth, I’ll just thaw what I need and I have some yummy homemade broth.

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Removing Paint from Vintage Hardware/Cabinet Handles

Here is a quick tip to remove old paint from old vintage hardware.

Use a crockpot that you don’t plan on using for food. Add hot water and a squirt of dish soap. Place hardware in crockpot. Turn on high for a couple of hours.

Use tongs to remove hardware and place on a towel. Be careful, it’s hot! Don’t let it cool completely, as soon as you can handle it, start peeling off paint.

There may still be some residue left. You can the other back in the hot water for a little while then try again.

Use an extra fine 000 steel wool to buff any remaining paint.

This is an almost 100 year old cabinet that we redid. The hardware was perfect!

Here’s the link where you can see how we refinished this cabinet: Check out the before and after pics: 100 Year Old Cabinet Restore