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Aldi Iced Coffee Drink

I love coffee! In the summer, usually mid day or after dinner, I like a refreshing glass of iced coffee. I have discovered a very inexpensive way to make a delicious blend. I’m a frequent Aldi shopper. You can find me there at least a couple times a week. Here’s what I get for my… Continue reading Aldi Iced Coffee Drink

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Anti-Inflammatory Juice Kicked Up A Notch; Reducing Inflammation

I’d like to share my anti-inflammatory juice recipe. I just turned 50 this year and boy am I feeling it. I’ve been making little changes to help me feel better and have more energy. I’ve started weight watchers earlier this year, down 10 lbs, yay, and I’ve been walking everyday, trying to reach my daily… Continue reading Anti-Inflammatory Juice Kicked Up A Notch; Reducing Inflammation

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Peach Sun Tea with Monk Fruit Simple Syrup

I make sun tea a lot in the summer. I thought I’d try adding some peaches this time. We also use Monk Fruit as our choice of sweetener. It’s low carb and has zero calories. It’s very sweet. I used about a cup of frozen peaches and 8 tea bags. This is a two quart… Continue reading Peach Sun Tea with Monk Fruit Simple Syrup

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Pour Over Coffee

I am a huge coffee lover! This is by far the best way to make a perfect, delicious cup of coffee, it tastes so rich and smooth. Here’s my take on it: First, use whole beans. They make a huge difference in the flavor. The coffee tastes so fresh! I love the taste of Peet’s,… Continue reading Pour Over Coffee

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Watermelon Slushy Summer Drink

One of my favorite fruits is watermelon! I have it nearly everyday in the summer time. I like it plain, with a pinch of salt or with feta cheese and mint leaves cut up in a bowl, it is amazing. Another way I like it, especially on a very hot summer day is as a… Continue reading Watermelon Slushy Summer Drink

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Freezing Buttermilk For Recipes DIY

I don’t use much buttermilk, so when I need some I have to make a trip to the store and I use it for my recipe then it usually sits in the refrigerator until it expires and has to be tossed. Well, since COVID19, I’ve been rethinking about how I do things. I’m trying really… Continue reading Freezing Buttermilk For Recipes DIY

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Homemade Unsweetened Almond Milk

I make a smoothie nearly every day. I use almond milk as my liquid. I mix fruit, usually a frozen berry mix and a banana, honey, fresh kale and I have a few supplements I throw into the mix. Here is my almond milk recipe. It is really easy to make. You need a few… Continue reading Homemade Unsweetened Almond Milk