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Wood Conversation Hearts Sign Valentines Day Decor

These are cute little Valentine’s Day signs I made. They are inspired by the little Valentine’s Day candy conversation hearts.

I am new to using power tools so I haven’t been taking photos during the process for my blog, but these are simple and here is the supplies I used.

  • 1×6 common board
  • Stain
  • Cricut vinyl

I cut the boards to 5-1/2” then sanded all the edges. This made them 5-1/2” squares.

Next I stained them. I am loving this stain color! I bought it because the name was interesting lol.

After the boards dried, I did a little distressing with my sander.

I made the vinyl decals on my Cricut, applied them and used a coat of mod podge over top of them to make sure they stayed on.

That’s it! This was a really easy project and has given me even more practice with my new Ryobi power tools!

I promise to start taking step by step photos soon!

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Produce Storage Wall Hanger ; Woodworking

I have a new hobby! I’ve always enjoyed crafting but my hubby bought me this nice set of Ryobi battery operated power tools for Christmas and I’m obsessed! This tool set is great for beginners.

I have already made a few items.

I made this big wood sign for my office..

And this small sign. I made a couple of these and I’m trying my hand at selling them here: Loved farmhouse wood sign

The one I’m most proud of so far is this produce storage wall hanging. I made it from one 1x6x6 common wood board, one 1x4x4 common wood board and two wire baskets I got from Walmart. I will be blogging my future projects from now on. I was so excited I forgot to take step by step photos.

I have requests for the produce hanger, so when I make more, I will be sure to blog how I made it. Be sure to subscribe!

I just received this Black & Decker 425 Work Bench to assist me while using my tools. I can’t wait to get started on my next project!

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I Made My First “Farmhouse Sign”

I have been tinkering around with some small wood crafts and when my husband asked what I wanted for Christmas, my response? Power tools…

He did not disappoint. He bought me a Ryobi cordless power tool set. This set is perfect for what I do. I don’t do very heavy duty projects and I have issues with my wrists so I didn’t need heavy duty tools. I can handle these quite well. I’m so excited to make projects with these!

I made my first project, a farmhouse style sign for my office. I used a precut thin sheet of plywood and a 1×2 6ft board. I painted the sign and made the vinyl letters with my cricut. With my husband’s help, I have a few things to learn, I measured and cut the 1×2 board to fit around the plywood. I stained them after I cut them. Then I used my new Ryobi air strike brad nailer to attach the boards to the plywood. I stapled through the back. I added a little metal picture hanger and hung it up.

I love how it came out! It’s a perfect fit for the wall above my desk. I am on to my next project!

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Wire Wrapped Earrings DIY

I have a new hobby and I’m obsessed. I’ve started making wire wrapped jewelry. It really is fairly easy. I wanted to share how I made these earrings.

This is what I used. I bought these wire earrings on Amazon. You could make your own from wire but I already had them. I used 20 gauge wire for wrapping. You could use thicker or thinner, just be sure your beads slide on. I also like to use broken jewelry that I find at thrift stores, usually marked as craft jewelry. I like to recycle and I like making unique earrings, and I’m thrifty and beads can be expensive!

These are my go to tools that I use for making jewelry. Wire cutters, pliers and nylon covered pliers.

I cut wire to fit the earrings with enough to wrap edges around a couple of times.

I used my pliers to wrap the wire around one side of the earring.

Then I added my beads and wrapped the other side.

After I got them wrapped tight, I squeeze the coils with the pliers to straighten them out and make sure both sides are symmetrical.

I compared both earrings to make sure they look the same.

Then I added the hooks.

I attached them to an earring card I made with my Cricut. I have these and other jewelry I have made for sale in my shop. Here’s the link: Earrings

These make great gift ideas as well!

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Jewelry Making

I am a person of many interests. I love crafting, photography, blogging, thrifting and reselling, among other things…but I’m always looking for something new to try.

I bought a Cricut a few months ago and I’ve been making leather earrings which are very fun to make and very on trend. But I’ve recently discovered something that I’m possibly addicted too.

Wire Ring making! I’m so hooked! I bought some wire from Michael’s and I took apart a bunch of broken jewelry I’ve been saving and used the beads to wrap up a few rings.

This is a great tip. If you thrift, ask for broken craft Jewelry. They usually have baggies of them and sell them for cheap, I take them apart and I have lots of beads! New Beads aren’t cheap and this a great way to recycle!

Here is some of my bead collection. I use them for lots of things.

I’m only getting started on these rings. When I feel more confident , I’m going to do a blog on how I make them.

I have the ones I have already made for sale here in my Boutique

Great gift ideas!

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Dollar Tree Cricut Crafts: Graphic Oven Mitts Christmas Gift Idea

This is an easy craft if you have a cricut, I made three in less then an hour.

Dollar Tree has these oven mitts with a pocket. You can stuff it with cookie or cake mixes and even a fun kitchen gadget. They are perfect for gift giving for teachers, white elephant, stocking stuffers or for your favorite cook.

I got my SVG files from Etsy. They are very inexpensive, or you can create your own. After cutting and weeding just iron on.

Always use a barrier between your heat press and HTV.

I used a temp of 305 for 30 seconds, warm peel.

These sayings are so clever! What a fun gift idea!

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No Sew Christmas Throw Pillows Cricut Iron On Decal

If you can use a hot glue gun, you can make these pillows. There is no sewing involved. You can also do without the decal if you don’t own a cricut machine.

I used cloth table napkins from Hobby Lobby. They are the perfect size for throw pillows. They were $2.99 a piece but I found them at 50% off! You need two for each pillow and a bag of poly-fil which I found for $2.99 and a hot glue gun. Great price for a throw pillow don’t you think?

Measure the cloth so you know how big to make your decal.

I found a couple of svg files that I liked and sized them to fit the pillows. Make sure to mirror it before you cut!

After the decal was cut, I weeded them and then centered them onto the cloth.

Always use a barrier between the easy press and the heat transfer vinyl.

I used my easy press to iron on the decal. My heat setting was a little high at first. I had to adjust it down to 295 after I made the deer. You may be able to see some of the red bled through. I think it’s because the material has a lot of polyester in it…no biggie.

I used a white glitter HTV. They came out so pretty against the plaid.

I put the pillow together. I used my hot glue gun to glue the edges of the pillow together.

I left an opening to stuff with the poly-fil. I stuffed the pillow. Each pillow took an entire bag of poly-fil. Then I glued the opening together and that’s it! I’m doing a woodland rustic theme this year and these colors are great!

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Faux Leather Earrings DIY

I have started making a line of earrings for my boutique and wanted to share some of my tips.

Here is a recent pair I made.

When I first started making them, I didn’t like that the backs were plain, either white cotton material or a flat looking fabric. If you have short hair or wear your hair up, you can see that side from the back.

I use my Cricut to cut out my earrings, you can also do it by hand but I’m not that steady.

I choose two sheets of leather that match. I cut them in the desired shape.

Here are my two cut pieces.

I glue the two back to back with a glue like Aleens fabric glue. Don’t get to close to the edge with the glue or it will squish out.

Press them together and then place them under a book or something heavy for a few hours or even better, overnight.

Be patient and let them dry.

Now the fun part. After they are dry, I use a leather hole punch to make a hole for the hardware.

I chose to add a druzy stone to this pair.

After gluing in the druzy and letting dry, I put them all together!

My finished product.

Now from the backs of these you see a nice leather material. It gives the earrings a nice finished look.

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Welcome Sign For Front Porch Or Is It?

This Welcome Porch sign is perfect for the “feeling social” and the “not feeling social” days, lol! I am trying to find all kinds of excuses to use my Cricut. I love it! I had this piece of wood, so I decided to make one of those famous “Welcome” porch signs but with a funny twist. I stained the wood and cut out the letters with my Cricut and here ya go…

Here is the front. All traditional and Fallish looking. I can change the flower and peel off the pumpkin and add an ornament for Christmas or a flower for Springtime…

And here is the back…lol. This is for the next time I see a solicitor coming.. haha

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Cricut Fall Craft Religious

Here is a quick little craft I made today with a Dollar Tree picture frame, a sheet of card stock, a decal I made on my cricut and some spray paint.

I made the decal but you can buy different sayings at dollar tree if you don’t have a cricut. I had card stock that I got from Michaels, I cut down to an 8×10 size. I picked up the frame from dollar tree. I liked the shape but wanted black so I spray painted it with a semi gloss.

I transferred the decal onto the cardstock while the paint was drying on the frame.

Here’s my finished project. It was a quick easy craft that only took a couple of hours. I’ve seen similar ones like this selling for $15-$20. My flannel pumpkins are from Dollar Tree as well.