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How To Dry Rose Petals Fast

I like to cut to the chase. I’m not one to write long, wordy blogs. When I’m looking for a recipe or DIY, I always scroll right to it. So that’s how I like to write my blogs. So let’s get to it.

My hubby bought me some beautiful red roses for Sweetest Day and I decided to dry the petals to make some potpourri.

All I did was pull the petals off of the stem and lay them, single layer, on a paper towel on a plate. Then I put the plate in the microwave for two minutes. I did this in batches.

After two minutes I removed them from the microwave and let them cool. The petals lose their fragrance after drying, so I put them in a jar with a lid and add a few drops of essential oil, I used rose scent.

I like to throw some into a hot bath or put some in a dish for some aroma therapy.

It’s very easy and quick to dry rose petals in the microwave, and it’s better then tossing those roses in the trash. This way you get some more enjoyment out of them. All microwaves are different so you may need to watch your time.

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How To Restore Thrifted Vintage Wood Bowls

I love to find wooden bowls in thrift stores & garage sales. I love the rustic charm that they offer. I made a YouTube video on how I “restore” bowls that I find.

Since I do like the rustic look of the bowls I don’t completely refinish them but I like to accentuate whatever character that they have.

Watch my YouTube video here to see what I use and how I bring out their true beauty. How To Restore Wood Bowls

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DIY Tree Branch Blanket Ladder

I love rustic, shabby chic, eclectic home decor. I wanted to make a blanket ladder for our family room and I came up with this idea.

We live on the lake, in the forest and I found these branches one our property.

I cut the sides to five feet and then cut the rungs to 16” and screwed through the sides into each rung end.

The last step was to sand any loose rough areas and coat the ladder in polyurethane. I let it dry overnight.

Here it is in place. It turned out so good!

Perfect rustic decor for a house in the woods.

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Leather Belt Ottoman Diy

I was inspired a few years ago with a chair that I saw in a artsy shop made with leather belts and so I started my own belt collection.

Vintage leather belts are a dime a dozen at a lot of thrift stores. I pick them up when I see them. They don’t have to be in great condition and they don’t need to have buckles for these types of projects, you cut them off anyway.

This was my pile. I went through them and cut off the ends. I used fabric shears.

I picked this foot stool up from Goodwill for $2 and thought it would be the piece for this project. It was already painted this a avocado green with a distressed look to it. I did want to change it. It was perfect!

The only things I did to it was remove the seat, four screws and wash it up.

This is my absolute favorite tool. A Ryobi Airstrike. I don’t think I could have done this project without this. I’m a weakling lol. I used 1-1/4” staples. They went through the thick leather belts like butter!

I separated the short belts from the long belts and went to work. I stapled all the long belts on first, both ends.

Then I started weaving the short belts through the long belts. It was easy until I got to the end. It got pretty snug but I got it. The tooled leather belts are my favorite.

This is what the underneath looked like when it was finished. I put two staples in each belt.

Here it is…I’m not sure how much weight this will hold but it is so sturdy! I’m not sure we’re I’ll put it yet but I tucked it in this corner to get some pictures. I’m in love!

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Dollar Tree Pizza Pan Easter Religious Crosses Craft

This is a quick, fun Dollar Tree craft you can make for Easter. I made it from a round pizza pan, some craft paint, three wooden crosses, three bags of moss and flowers, all found at Dollar Tree.

First I painted the pan. Two coats of the yellow and orange, blending at the line.

I felt the colors were too bright so I took some waverly brown paint that I had on hand and lightly brushed it over the colors after they dried.

I was satisfied with the more muted color scheme.

Next I used the same brown paint and mixed it with a little water to create a “stain” to use on the crosses.

I then glued the crosses in place with hot glue and then, layer by layer, I added the moss until it was a secure. Then I glued the flowers and the twine onto the back and added the white strip of fabric that I cut from a handkerchief.

And here it is.

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Wood Conversation Hearts Sign Valentines Day Decor

These are cute little Valentine’s Day signs I made. They are inspired by the little Valentine’s Day candy conversation hearts.

I am new to using power tools so I haven’t been taking photos during the process for my blog, but these are simple and here is the supplies I used.

  • 1×6 common board
  • Stain
  • Cricut vinyl

I cut the boards to 5-1/2” then sanded all the edges. This made them 5-1/2” squares.

Next I stained them. I am loving this stain color! I bought it because the name was interesting lol.

After the boards dried, I did a little distressing with my sander.

I made the vinyl decals on my Cricut, applied them and used a coat of mod podge over top of them to make sure they stayed on.

That’s it! This was a really easy project and has given me even more practice with my new Ryobi power tools!

I promise to start taking step by step photos soon!

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Produce Storage Wall Hanger ; Woodworking

I have a new hobby! I’ve always enjoyed crafting but my hubby bought me this nice set of Ryobi battery operated power tools for Christmas and I’m obsessed! This tool set is great for beginners.

I have already made a few items.

I made this big wood sign for my office..

And this small sign. I made a couple of these and I’m trying my hand at selling them here: Loved farmhouse wood sign

The one I’m most proud of so far is this produce storage wall hanging. I made it from one 1x6x6 common wood board, one 1x4x4 common wood board and two wire baskets I got from Walmart. I will be blogging my future projects from now on. I was so excited I forgot to take step by step photos.

I have requests for the produce hanger, so when I make more, I will be sure to blog how I made it. Be sure to subscribe!

I just received this Black & Decker 425 Work Bench to assist me while using my tools. I can’t wait to get started on my next project!

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I Made My First “Farmhouse Sign”

I have been tinkering around with some small wood crafts and when my husband asked what I wanted for Christmas, my response? Power tools…

He did not disappoint. He bought me a Ryobi cordless power tool set. This set is perfect for what I do. I don’t do very heavy duty projects and I have issues with my wrists so I didn’t need heavy duty tools. I can handle these quite well. I’m so excited to make projects with these!

I made my first project, a farmhouse style sign for my office. I used a precut thin sheet of plywood and a 1×2 6ft board. I painted the sign and made the vinyl letters with my cricut. With my husband’s help, I have a few things to learn, I measured and cut the 1×2 board to fit around the plywood. I stained them after I cut them. Then I used my new Ryobi air strike brad nailer to attach the boards to the plywood. I stapled through the back. I added a little metal picture hanger and hung it up.

I love how it came out! It’s a perfect fit for the wall above my desk. I am on to my next project!

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DIY Nativity Crèche Stable For Willow Tree Figurines

I have the Willow Tree Nativity starter set, I guess you could say.

My daughter-in-law got them for me and I absolutely love them. I was looking into adding on to the set and it can get very expensive! I decided to make a few of the props on my own and then purchase a few more of the figurines.

This is the Willow Tree Nativity Crèche. It’s nice but I did not want to pay that price! I’m just too thrifty. Besides, I like to make things my own. I like to be different. So I decided I would make my own.

I have had this stable for years. It’s very rickety. I took it all apart and used the cedar wood to build a new one.

I used every piece of this cedar to make the crèche, but it has a new total different look.

I had my husband help me make a few cuts and started gluing. I used wood glue and hot glue to hold it all together.

Keep reading to find out how I made the stars and trees.

After I got it all glued together how I wanted, I painted it with some paint I already had on hand. So far this is free! That’s great compared to $170!

This was the paint I used. I wanted an old weathered barn look so I didn’t cover it thoroughly. After it dried I sanded the edges.

While the paint was drying we made the stars. Look at the price of these star stands! I wanted two.

I bought a pack of 1” wood stars from Michael’s for $3 and some dowel rods. We used the wood from the old stable to make stands. I painted the stars and dowels and glued the stars to the dowels then my husband drilled holes into the stands that he precut.

I dipped the rods in wood glue and set them into the holes. I sponged a tiny bit of gold paint onto each star.

I can’t believe the price of these trees! Look what I used to make mine with.

Unicorn horns! I looked around the store for something cone shaped I could use. I seen these and was like “oh yeah.” They are styrofoam and worked perfectly! Here’s how I made my $2 trees!

First I cut the dowel rods to the length I wanted and stuck them into the bottom of the cone.

I put a little hot glue around the dowel. Then I glued and wrapped white yarn around the cone.

Hot gluing as I go.

Once it was a wrapped, I painted the dowel brown.

I cut the next cone in half because I wanted a smaller tree. I did the same with this one.

Again, using a block of wood, we drilled holes and glued the trees in. After I set up the nativity, I decided I need to make one more of these. I might spray some iridescent glitter on them.

Here’s the finished project. I made these props for under $10! I love saving money, I really love repurposing things and I’m very happy with how my props turned out!

I will continue adding to this nativity…I’m in love.

So…I added some lights.

I bought these lights from Aldi. They were $3.99.

The string was long so I folded it s few times and thumb tacked it in. It’s battery operated and the battery pack is in the back. So pretty at night.

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Wire Wrapped Earrings DIY

I have a new hobby and I’m obsessed. I’ve started making wire wrapped jewelry. It really is fairly easy. I wanted to share how I made these earrings.

This is what I used. I bought these wire earrings on Amazon. You could make your own from wire but I already had them. I used 20 gauge wire for wrapping. You could use thicker or thinner, just be sure your beads slide on. I also like to use broken jewelry that I find at thrift stores, usually marked as craft jewelry. I like to recycle and I like making unique earrings, and I’m thrifty and beads can be expensive!

These are my go to tools that I use for making jewelry. Wire cutters, pliers and nylon covered pliers.

I cut wire to fit the earrings with enough to wrap edges around a couple of times.

I used my pliers to wrap the wire around one side of the earring.

Then I added my beads and wrapped the other side.

After I got them wrapped tight, I squeeze the coils with the pliers to straighten them out and make sure both sides are symmetrical.

I compared both earrings to make sure they look the same.

Then I added the hooks.

I attached them to an earring card I made with my Cricut. I have these and other jewelry I have made for sale in my shop. Here’s the link: Earrings

These make great gift ideas as well!