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Dollar Tree Lantern DIY Craft

I made this lantern from Dollar Tree items.

I used supplies from Dollar Tree, four 8×10 canvas, four sink mats and some rope.

First, I removed the canvas and staples. I only needed the wood frames.

This is the most tedious part but it goes pretty quick.

I used four sink mats cut to fit to the backs of each wood frame. You could use less mats if you went with the smaller canvas.

Using black craft paint, I painted the mats.

While they were drying, I painted the wood frames.

I also wanted a bottom to my lantern so I painted big craft sticks from Dollar Tree.

After everything dried, I glued it all together with hot glue. I also used some super glue to make it strong.

I glued the mats to the back of the frame.

Next, I glued the frames together to make a box.

I glued the craft sticks to the bottom,

I had these cute brown acrylic beads I glued onto the bottom for feet.

I glued some rope on to the top to make a handle. I used a battery operated candle for the inside.

You could make this in different sizes depending on what size canvas you use.

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